Customizing main bar and side bar width

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    I am currently new to CSS and WordPress.
    I am using twenty ten template at the moment.
    My blog is
    I have few questions;

    1. I want to increase the width of the content (I use images that are 800px big) and reduce the side bar.
    My main content is currently limited to 640px.

    2. How do you move the search box into the menu bar?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    My suggestion is to delete the sidebar and then widen things and use the footer widget areas for your widgets.

    Widening the container from 940 to 1000px (a gain of only 60px) and then working backwards to get you 800px in width in the posting area means your sidebar will end up about 100px wide (leaving white space in between and around things).

    The problem with widening the container/wrapper over 1000px is that over 20% of web users are still on 1024px wide displays, and if you go wider than 1000px then those people have to scroll horizontally, and that is one of the top 10 things people dislike on the web.


    I want to customize my site stylesheet


    Thank you thesacredpath!

    How do you move the search box either in the menu (right below the header image)
    or above the header image?


    The search box is a “widget” and to use widgets, the sidebar cannot be hidden. If a sidebar is hidden, so are the widgets it contains.

    What you could do is to put the search box into one of the bottom widget areas and then we can use absolute positioning to move it up and above the header, or to the right end of the menu.

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