Customizing Menu CSS in FadTastic Theme

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    Hi everyone

    I have customized our blog to suit using the Fadtastic theme, but would also like to know how to change the font, colour etc in the navigation menu css. Can anyone help with this as I can’t see what or where to sadd this in the CSS that we purchased?

    Cheers, John



    Yeah that’s tricky, but it didn’t escape my X-ray vision the definitions are hidden a way in a distinct stylesheet. If you define styling for the following classes you’ll be fine:

    div#navcontainer ul
    div#navcontainer ul li
    div#navcontainer ul li a
    div#navcontainer ul li a:hover,
    div#navcontainer ul li.current_page_item a
    div#navcontainer ul li a.last
    #top_navlist li
    #top_navlist li a, #top_navlist li a:visited, #top_navlist li a:active
    #top_navlist li a:hover

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