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customizing "more tag" in twentyten?

  1. Hi there.

    I wonder, if it is possible to customize, what the "more tag" reads in twentyten? My blog isn't selfhosted (yet), and I'd really love it to say something else than 'Continue Reading', as my blog is in Danish. Is there anything I can do? I've been googling around without finding anything.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hmmm, I would have thought that that would have been translated into Danish. It should be so I would think this is a bug that staff need to look into.

    You can customize it on a case by case basis for now if you wish as explained here.

  3. I've tagged this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will respond soon and get this fixed.

  4. Thanks for your answer :O)

  5. @snigepigen

    Thanks for bringing this attention. It should be translated automatically but unfortunately it isn't at the moment. We'll look into it and fix it as soon as we can.


  6. @iamtakashi

    That sounds great


  7. @snigepigen

    Actually, the theme was ready for translation but the translated strings weren't in there yet. It should be fixed now :)

    Thanks again for letting us know, and please know that you can also suggest Danish translation from here, if you'd like.

    (More info on WordPress internationalization process:

    Happy blogging.

  8. @naokomc

    Thanks for your help!

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