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Customizing Sidebar

  1. I would like to be able to change the sidebar to have each widget/section in a bordered area of its own. How can I do this?

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


  2. You would need to pay for the CSS upgrade and know how to use it.

    Otherwise you're stuck with choosing from the standard themes and finding whichever comes closest to what you want.

  3. Well, I paid for the CSS upgrade and I sorta know how to use it. I got the border around the whole thing, but I haven't been able to figure out how to separate into sections.

  4. What theme are you using?

    I think you'd need something like

    .widget {

  5. I would recommend this way:

    .widget {border: solid 1px [color you want];}


  6. *waves at devblog*

    Glad you were here to help.

  7. Thank you so much. I'm going to try that now. I'm using Kubrick.

  8. Darn it. Can't get it to work.

  9. What's the actual code you put in?

  10. I put in the code you gave me above, tried devblog's recommendation as well. I'm surprised it's not working.

  11. Hmm. You didn't change any of the details that might spoil the syntax? On devblog's version you'd need to have put in a color code with a # in front of the 6-digit code and no square brackets.

  12. Yes, I put in: .widget {border: solid 1px #0061D1;}

    Not sure if that's the exact color code I used or not, but it's close.

  13. Could you post the rest of the code you've used to make changes? It may be that you've got something else that's overriding that.

  14. Ah! I got it! I had to remove the sidebar border first. Duh. Thanks sooooo much!

  15. Oh, no I see the problem. You need an = not a :

    So it should be

    .widget {border = solid 1px #0061d1;}

    Try that.

  16. Ignore that!

  17. You so totally rock. thanks again!

  18. Oh, well done! I'm glad you've worked it out.

  19. Oh, and you might want to label the thread as resolved now.

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