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    I’m currently building a site for a professor and I’m having a little trouble with tables. I have the CSS sheet set a certain way for tables (vertical-align:middle; align:center), but what if I want tables on a different page left aligned and vertically aligned at the top? Is there a way to do this on CSS? Is there some ID or coding I could put in so the tables look a certain only on a certain page?

    The site I’m working on is:

    Thank you!


    If you look at the source code for each page, and look in the opening body tag, you will see a bunch of CSS classes. To target a specific page I recommend using the page id class such as the example below.


    So as an example, if you wanted to change something in #content for page ID 34, you would do this:

    .page-id-34 #content {



    I tried it, but it still seemed to change the tables on other pages as well….

    I found the page ID by going to “edit page” on dashboard and looking at the number that pops up at the url bar….



    What CSS selector did you use? And if you can provide a link to the page where the table is, then we could take a closer look.



    ah! I figured it out.

    I was looking at two different page urls and put in the wrong id number.


    Thank you sacredpath!

    Issue resolved!

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