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    Does anyone know, can I add a hyperlink to header picture in The Columnist if I upgrade to customized? There’s lots for me to like in this theme.
    Thanks, Monda

    The blog I need help with is



    Why would you want to do that? The header image is already a link back to the blog front. That’s what the header image is expected to link to.


    good question … I should have explained better… I’d like to link from my blog to my website somehow. So far, in the free version of The Columnist, I can either have menu items or a hyperlink. I was wondering if I upgraded to custom, could I add link to the picture header image. There’s a “home” button that also goes back to the blog front.



    In theory you would be able to crate a new link in front of the header image if you had the Custom Design upgrade. But as I already pointed out, the header image is supposed to link to the blog front: making it link to an external site is annoying and almost amounts to deception.
    The right way to do what your looking for is a link in a custom top menu. For details see this post of mine:



    I’m with justpi. Linking your blog URL to direct to any other site is a deceptive linking practice.


    hadn’t thought of it like that, but see your point. ‘preciate link to your in depth post, justpi, I’ll give it a shot; made me smile that it addresses “inexperienced users”.


    I don’t know what I’m missing, but still not getting it. So in your post from last year, in the first screenshot, suppose you wanted”How I learned to stop worrying and love the blog” to link to a website. Is that do-able in free version of The Columnist if you have other menu items? I think I’m asking if a menu item can link to an outside site.



    See section C of my post, in particular point 2b.


    massive thanks for your patience — I’m sensing a break through. All along, I’ve been doing as described in your reply, with same result; either I can have a menu title with a link to my website, or multiple menu titles for pages. I’m thinking, either I’m doing something wrong that I haven’t identified; or second section of your part B applies – “why custom menus” … * Display other links in addition…



    Assuming you want your menu to display the Home link, links to your static pages, and the link to the website:
    1) You click the plus sign to add a menu, give it a name (say, “My Top Menu”), click Create Menu.
    2) You select the Home item and the pages in the Pages module, click Add to Menu.
    3) You paste the URL of the website in the Custom Links module, write its name in the Label field (below the URL field), click Add to Menu.
    4) You click Save Menu, then you select the menu from the pulldown in the Theme Locations module and click Save.


    eureka! I got myself in a bad loop and something in your different statements on same solution finally clicked and got me out. Maybe I really am nuts. In any case, deeply grateful and glad to part of such group. Once I know more what I’m doing, I hope to contribute.

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