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    So now I have contact form but I’d like to gather a little more information from the people who might feel inclined to use the contact form. How do I change it?



    I don’t think you can. What kind of information are you hoping to gather?


    I read somewhere that if you have purchased the CSS option that it is possible.

    Looking for information like, mailing address, phone, that type of contact information, not just the email, name and/or website info.

    Any ideas?


    Here is a link to the page that says that if you have Custom CSS that you can make the changes … now I just need to figure out *how* to make the changes. lol



    Your link isn’t showing. Can you repost it please? Never mind, there it is!

    Well after reading it quickly, I think you might want to follow the link to css help or hope someone else comes along. I’ve done a lot of editing on my theme and I don’t recall seeing anything on the stylesheet for that box. (I wouldn’t change mine anyway as a privacy matter. But that’s just me.)


    no worries now — my blog is gone for some violation of the TOS (have no idea what I did wrong). Guess I blew that $15 to purchase CSS here for nothing.


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