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    Hi, can I do the following in my “Like” button area?

    1. Remove the gravatars of people who’ve liked my posts, and replace with a count.
    2. Change the standard text “Like this:” to “LIKE:” (because above it, I have “SHARE:”)
    3. Ideally, put the share and like buttons all on one line for a cleaner look.

    The blog I need help with is:

    I do realize I’m kind of asking a lot, so any help is appreciated!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, I forgot to mention I’m on twentyeleven.


    There’s a trick you can use to change the text label: h3 {
    	visibility: hidden;
    } h3:before {
    	visibility: visible;
    	content: "LIKE:";

    I’m afraid the other things would need to be done with PHP code and not CSS, and adding custom PHP code is not permitted here at so you can’t make a change like that. What you can do with CSS is change the appearance of already generated content.

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