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    We don’t have our site on our own server, so it’s not possible to add a masthead at the top of my site, is it?

    If there is a way to upload an image(gif) using the admin interface, PLEASE let me know!



    Some of the themes (ie Regulus for example) allow you to declair a offsite image as a header. It’s really up to the theme designer. Currently themes are not modifyable as they are shared between users on the server. If one gets changed, they get changed for everybody on that box.



    I had no idea that you could customise the header image with Regulus. This is awesome! My own image is all I need.

    Perhaps you should shout a little louder about this feature. I know you get a lot of requests about customising themes, etc – There might be lots of users like me who didn’t realise you could customise some themes with your own images.



    Too bad that Regulus doesn’t allow you to also use your own colors also, or it would be perfect. I’m not big on purple and yellow.



    Um, Brent. Dashboard -> Presentation -> Current Theme Options -> Blog Settings -> Colour Scheme maybe? :)



    Sounds interesting, I’ll have to look at that, really getting tired of the default settings all the time.


    I’d like to know if there are other themes besides Regulus where you can use your own header.




    I believe it’s only regulus at the moment.



    benrow: ppl who do know abt what some themes offer just know from experimenting with the themes and changing them. but if you want to know if wp has added themes with customised header in the future, you could search the forum under customised header. that and read the wp news whenever they add new themes, thr should be a brief description of the theme.



    ‘Supposedly Clean’ is supposed to have a “customizable header and colors”.

    there are wordpress themes ‘where you can use your own header’ (e.g. ‘Fauna’), but none of them besides ‘Regulus’ currenlty available on


    Thanks. Just checking. I like Regulus, but I’d like more themes with that option!


    Wish you could do it to the default theme.



    patriotsfan: ditto. it’ll be excellent for someone who is looking for a professional-like theme and customised it to their liking. send feedback!



    Um, Brent. Dashboard -> Presentation -> Current Theme Options -> Blog Settings -> Colour Scheme maybe? :)

    Sorry, but those are not my own colors. You must have misunderstood. I want to use my own color scheme, not anything with purple, pink, lime-green, orange, or yellow. A red, white, and blue look would be great. Is there someone that I would need to contact specifically to request this?

    Is there something that I am missing? Because I only have the option to choose from built-in color schemes. I do not have the ability to choose colors –like Kubrick has.

    That was what I was talking about –having the ability to choose custom colors.

    I’m patiently waiting. I think it would be good if all of the themes were more customizable with header graphics and color schemes. Small custom icons would also cool feature to add –like the ability to use custom bullets, and other small icons.

    I still say that having the option to customize .css would be great.

    Here is my idea: give just one template that has the ability to use custom .css. Just one will do, that way the people who want to or know how to, can do it. You say that it is against your ethics to allow this because people shouldn’t have to do this. But many people want this feature. It doesn’t mean people have to do it. I love the platform and host. I think it is the best as far as all-in-one platforms go that are free. This is why I continue to use it. But customization is truly the only thing that is missing here. Actually, that and comments preview would be great too.

    These are just ideas, from the user perspective.




    Brent, it sounds like you might be happier with your own blog hosted on a paid host.

    As stated above, we share the themes accross the servers. Remember, all the WordPress themes were originally created for a platform where they were editable by the end user. In this setup, we are not able to edit these themes as we’re running a different code base, WordPress Multiuser, not the normal WordPress that you can download from here. MU is designed to allow anyone to have their own blog and not worry about having to install stuff or worry about things like CSS, hexcodes and the like. If you want to modify stuff like this, than is not the place you want to be. These things may change at a later time but remember that the Multi User platform is under a year old. To allow the themes to do what you want, then the themes have to be rewriten. Each and every one of them. Those designers have created those themes on their own and released them as Open Source. Some have changed their themes to allow editing from the Dashboard. Some haven’t. Some still haven’t even added in Widget support yet to their works.

    And yes, allows you to change stuff. And it also gets hacked from time to time. It happens because it allows things to change CSS and add in JavaScripts and the like. Would you rather have a site that you know is going to be hacked or one that you know if up and available to its users?

    God, I’m getting sick of repeating this over and over again too. :(


    Sorry! I just wanted to check I wasn’t overlooking something besides Regulus. I’m very happy with because I just can’t face hosting my own site at the moment.



    Hang in there drmike because you’re doing a great job of being patient, long suffering and kind to those *coughing* people who don’t even bother to consult the *coughing* FAQ before trumpeting their unhappiness about a free service not meeting their individual needs. Thumbs up!



    I appreciate your patience, and I’m not complaining. I’m very well aware of the FAQ, and I love

    What I was saying had nothing to do with what you said, in my defense.

    Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough.

    Whoever said I wanted Blogger? I gave up on that a long time ago. I love the widgets too here.

    This whole thing was merely a wish about Regulus to begin with. The actual code is irrelevant, as far as customization goes imho.

    What I’m suggesting is that it would be nice if a template would allow a custom header (keyword custom), and custom colors (again, keyword custom).

    I truly like all that is here, and there are improvements all the time. But isn’t the forum a place to share ideas? Perhaps it’s not?? I guess I’ll keep my comments to myself, instead of participating with the discussion on how we can improve an already kick-butt platform. However there is always room for improvement in development of anything.

    So, I hope you’re not getting the wrong idea about what I said, although I’m pretty sure you have. So before you jump the gun, assume that I am merely striking conversation for the purpose of just that.

    If I wanted hosted wp, I would do that, or use Blogsome instead. I have used Blogsome, and while it is good too, I still use this, and consider it to be far better.

    I said the only thing I feel that is missing at all is more customization and more themes. I can say that just over the past few months alone, I have seen huge improvements in both.

    My whole post was only about ideas, and I thought I made that clear, but obviously I was wrong, so I apologize.

    Like I said, if Regulus allowed me to choose what colors I want (red, white, and blue), that would be most satisfactory. I’m sure others will agree that either more color themes or an ability similar to Kubrick’s color chooser would be great.

    Perhaps more widgets can be written in terms of this> I don’t know enough about them in general, so perhaps I’m too ignorant to say that.

    I do not currently use Regulus, since I find the available color themes to be a bit effeminate –thus, not my style (no offense of course, to anyone of another opinion, as it is merely one man’s –to each his own).

    Lastly, like I mentioned before, I am patiently waiting –waiting for any and all improvements.

    I, like everyone else, am always delighted with the wonderful surprise of noticing a new feature after logging in.

    I am eager to see where will be in another year ahead!

    So, for all I said, I’m sorry you took it the wrong way, but it was meant to be positive in thought and totally optimistic about the future of



    Quick aside: this is the current Widget List. You mentioned that you wished to see more of them written in the near future. Many are already available. I’m hoping that staff will start bringing more on line here as this is the enviroment that they were created for.

    Brent, I agree you you. Having options and the ability to change those options within the themes would be great. The problem is that the need for this is pretty much brand new. All these themes written in the past were designed by their designers knowing that they could be motified by the end user when they use their own local copy of WordPress.

    The issue though is a lot of people who state what you do think that is the same version of WordPress that they can download themselves.

    The fork of WordPress we are using here, WordPress MultiUser or MU, is different though. It is not the same WordPress one downloads. It is a platform where the end users don’t have to worry about things like trying to install themes and plugins, they don’t have to worry about security concerns, having to modify files like CSS or the like. All the end user has to worry about is blogging and a few simple options.

    I’m not staff but I do my own hosting elsewhere but this is what comes to my mind.

    If you want the ability to muck around with CSS and the like, then your best option is hosting elsewhere and installing a copy of WordPress and going full bang on it.

    If you just want to blog, not have to worry about security, CSS and the like, then signing up for a blog here at on the MU platform is where you need to be.

    *chuckle* Now you’ll have to excuse me. I have 300+ WP upgrades to do this afternoon since the new version got released.

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