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Cut & Pasting from emails and MS Word

  1. I am writing an article for my site. I usually type the article in Microsoft Word then cut and paste it, but recently that has caused problems so I am typing it directly into the "write" box. However my latest article needs to quote a lengthy response I received to an email. It would be a pain to type it all over, and most of all I would like to make sure I quote directly and don't make an error. When I cut and paste from their email it makes the print font very small. I tried copying it to Word and changing the font but it still pastes looking funny. What program other than typing everything directly would be best to cut and paste from?

  2. Hi fieldale,

    When I use text from emails or word I always use notepad to put the text into first as it takes all formatting out. Works fine all the time.


  3. Thanks Nez, I tried notepad once a while back & still had issues but will try again.

  4. By the way, fieldale, please link your username to your WordPress.COM so that forum volunteers can see what WordPress platform you are blogging on. We have a lot of WordPress.ORG users unintentionally posting here and we are not on the same platform. (See the two stickies at the top of the forum.)

  5. Try cutting and pasting it into the html editor. That should strip out all the code and just leave you with plain text. You can switch back to the visual editor to format it if you want.

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