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    Hi. My blog is

    I´m using Neutra theme, and I´m having problems with the “Pages”.

    When I use Mozilla they look fine, but with Explorer they look cut in half. Also the search bar appears in a different position.

    Can I do something to solve this?

    The blog I need help with is


    I checked in Internet Explorer 8 and it looks good to me. Could you explain a little further about exactly what is cut off? What version of Internet Explorer are you using? Do other sites besides sites look cut off to you?


    I´m using Internet Explorer 7 and the things that looks cut off are the words “el proyecto” “no hay tarea” etc, all the pages below the logo.

    I uploaded a printscreen image, to show you how it looks.



    The most recent stable version of Internet Explorer is IE9. Those on windows XP cannot upgrade to it but can only use IE8. I viewed your blog using IE8 and clicked “compatibility mode” and I see nothing wrong with the display. Have you tried using “compatibility mode” on IE8?


    No, I haven´t. My concern is with the people who uses IE (older versions) and visits my blog.



    Are you aware of this?

    Goodbye, IE6
    With this update, WordPress has discontinued support for Internet Explorer 6. It has required increasingly complex code trickery to make the WordPress dashboard work in the IE6 browser, which was introduced 10 years ago and does not support current web standards.


    No, I were not.

    But i´m using IE7 and it doesn´t look how it should, either.

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