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    Hello Fellow WordPressors.

    I am trying desperately to find out if this is possible in wordpress or not. If anyone is familiar with LiveJournal, more specifically the LJ Cut tag. Basically is there a way to do the same thing from within a WordPress blog.

    For instance, I would like to show one picture on my blog post, and than have a link that someone can click on for the rest of the images. I would like to keep my blog nice & tidy. If i want to list/link more than a few photos, everything clutters up, takes up the entire page which seems like endless scrolling..

    Does anyone know is there is a code to do this?

    Any help is greatlly appreciated. I have read through about 45 minutes worth of FAQ posts, Forum posts, and googling to no avail.




    If you are using the visual rich text editor the icon number is 13


    I think what you are describing is the “more” tag. In the visual rich text editor it is the icon that looks like a smaller white rectangle above a lower larger rectangle. If you hover your mouse over the icons, a short description will appear.

    Insert the more tag (by clicking the icon) where you want to the break to appear and when published, there will be a link at that point that will say, “more” or “read more” or something like that. Click on that and your taken to the rest of the post where the other images would be.


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    Just another brief note to say that the”split” that occurs when using the “read more” (icon 13) tag does not appear in the “preview” of the post. The “split” only becomes visible after you publish the post. :)


    Thank you so much! All of you for your help. I havent tried it yet but reading through the link that timetheif posted (THANKS SO MUCH) it is just what i want to do. I am so glad for helpful people like you. Looking forward to playing a more active role in your community.



    Thanks for the thanks. Happy blogging to you. :)

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