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cute things to add in your sidebar

  1. i'm looking for interesting things to add in my sidebar, like this:

    i have one people might be interested: this website

    creates a hug counter so your readers can give you a virtual hug.

    does anyone have anything else i can add to my sidebar?

  2. A link to my blog :)

  3. How about the weather pixie? You can choose between different styles of pixies (I've got a Weather Flapper, but there are goths and all kinds of options) and all kinds of different locations in the world; even have more than one. They instantly tell you the weather for wherever you've set them; as I'm on holiday, I keep checking Vancouver's weather pixie and laughing my head off at all the rain they're getting while I'm away.

  4. kashmir: haha!

    raincoaster: i'm loading the link with my dial-up now. thanks!

  5. sulz: the hug thing says that it's for LJ users? how did you get it on your wordpress blog?

  6. The same way I replied to you in the other thread. You place the code into a text widget

  7. makisquare: he just says that it's better if you're an lj user. it works for all blogs as it is html.

  8. You can ad stuff from image chef.

  9. Zentraveler a link to my blog it worked for kashmir. I am new to blogging and am trying to learn how to use sidebars and widgets. Thanks for the info greatly appreciated. Vanscott

  10. This will help you set up widgets.

  11. I like the mybloglog widget that shows other bloggers who have recently read your blog:

    Install instructions:

  12. I do like that one and will be installing it...right after I upload all the images of sculptures that stupid, art-hating Photobucket deleted! Grrrr.

  13. Did photobucket delete them? Or was it because of bandwidth overusage?

    They give you a limited bandwidth per month with the free account. You can buy a year for $25 USD. I ended up doing that when I saw one of my posts that got Dugg was about to have all the images go up in flames.

  14. No, photobucket deleted them because although they were art, they were art with nekkid boobies! They're not cool with that; they once made me delete a painting by Michaelangelo, because Adam wasn't "draped" properly.

    At least, that is my guess as to why. They have never, not once, replied with anything more specific than "violation of TOS, and you're fortunate we didn't delete your entire account, as we are entitled to do".

    It was a popular post, but I don't think it got dugg. Digged. Whatevered. Haven't seen that in the stats.

  15. Thankyou very much for the tip about putting a photo in the sidebar. It works and made it very easy for someone like me who is html dumb. I really appreciate it! :) Have a nice day :)

  16. @azumarisan
    I'm glad you found what you needed in my blog. You're welcome and happy blogging.

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