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Cutline---add text to header image?


    Hello! I am currently using the Cutline theme with CSS upgrade. My header image is taken from Flickr (and licensed for Creative Commons usage) but I still need to give an attribution. Can I add small text to my header? I know from another posting that headers can't serve as links, so I can't make the image link back to this person's Flickr page.

    thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not really, unless you download the image, increase the height of the "canvas" in an image editing program and then add the attribution to the white space below the image.

    You can also add a text widget to your sidebar with the attribution there.

  3. You can use any imshr editor (I used MS Paint) to add text to an image. That's what I did with the header pic at my place, and I use Cutline.

  4. I meant "image" editor.

  5. Great! Thank you so much for the suggestions and advice!

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