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    I have been trying to add widgets as they used to be more or less before the change, but I am not able to change anything now. Can you please advise in not extremely technical terms? I do not even now if this CSS thing concerns me… Many thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Is this you?
    (It makes it much easier for us volunteers to help you when you provide a clickable link.)
    You should be able to add widgets just as you did before the change from Cutline to Coraline.
    Appearance —> Widgets —> move your widgets from the inactive widgets window into sidebar…

    Folks with CSS are likely experiencing more problems with the change-over to Coraline.



    Personally, I really, really resent the change from Cutline, which I liked, to Coraline, which although only subtly different, I find ugly.

    My blog is mission-critical and this change is reason for me to leave .com and to go to a hosted provider. And also to advise others NOT to use WordPress. A critical change without consultation, and then support is offsite for two weeks “to make things better”?


    UUps, sorry! Yes, this is me… It is working now, so thanks for your quick response :)



    I apologize for the typos above – I’m vusally impaired. Here’s a corrected version:

    Personally as a Volunteer who is providing to support to those who really do have support issues and who had nothing whatsoever to do with this removal and replacement of themes I would like to invite you to keep your emotional stuff on hold. On August 16th you can register your feedback with Staff at this link

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