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Cutline Blog Title Space is Too High

  1. My blog <> or <> has a double-high space for the blog name. How do a get it to be normal height?

  2. Do you have the CSS upgrade?

    (Note: it's a lot easier if you include your blog link in a post so that is is clickable - like this Also - you may want to put your blog into your profile so that when we click on your user name it brings it up)

  3. Thank you for the suggestions; I should know better.

    Yes, I have the CSS upgrade.

  4. You mean your image header is too big?

  5. Yes, there appears to room for two lines of text even though I only have one.

  6. It looks like it is the size of the font in the header that is causing it to wrap. If you want it on one line, try reducing the h1 font size.

  7. Many thanks for your thoughtful help. Do I do that in the CSS, or elsewhere?

  8. Yes, in the CSS.

  9. I changed the H1 font size from 3.6em to 3.0em, but also tried 2.4em and didn't appear to have the desired result. In addition, I notice the Title Subhead doesn't appear as does in the Template Examples.

    Am I doing the correct thing?

    Many thanks. Rick

  10. It fits on one line now - so I'm not sure what the problem is. If you are talking about the white space under the line, you can try reducing the height of the masthead. It is currently set to 100 pix

    #masthead {

    As for the tagline - I guess that theme doesn't show it. If you search the forums, you'll find how to include it in a text widget and position it at the top.

  11. That did it. Many thanks; can't tell you how grateful I am.

    Since no good deed seems to go unpunished ;-) , I have one more related question: Are you able to tell me where I'd look to know the width of right-side column text boxes in order to fit graphics in them?

    Do you accept payments/contributions?

  12. I think this is what you are after - mind you, the sidebar also have a list.

    #sidebar {
  13. Many thanks.

  14. Rick - if you use Firefox and intend to play around with your CSS more, install the developers toolbar and Firebug. They are invaluable tools. (I still consider myself a CSS newbie but I've learned a lot from hanging out in the forums.) As for payment - as someone told me when I first started messing with CSS - just pay it forward. Help somebody else.

    (PS - I'd make the masthead a little higher - the space above the blog title is larger than the space below it.)

  15. Many thanks again. bride made the same suggestion regarding space; it's been changed.

    I'll certainly do the Firefox stuff.

    Be well.

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