Cutline Custom CSS Possible?

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    I have the Custom CSS upgrade and using K2-Lite theme I could set and call my header image from a remote site; align my post text as I wished; and remove the border for images.

    Today I moved to Cutline and Custom CSS is not taking. I’m trying to call my header image without having to upload it and it isn’t working.

    Does Custom CSS work with all themes or only some?

    Has anyone successfully remotely called a header image for Cutline? If yes, how did you do it and what code did you use?




    Custom CSS should be working on all themes. You don’t link to your blog and I don’t see a link on the landing page…

    You can grab the original image for cutline here.

    Not sure about the rest since I haven’t used the theme. maybe we can get someone else to speak up.



    The link on the landing page is the Avatar I use here.
    :grin: is the blog URL.

    I have an uploaded image that’s working fine for now.

    I would just prefer to remotely call my header image if I want to change it on a regular basis since it appears there are quality/size limitations on headers you upload.


    okay, i looked at your page. it’s definately possible to put a custom header in there with CSS. you’ll need something like this:
    #header_img { margin: 0 0 30px 0; border-bottom: 1px solid #000; float: left; clear: both; background: url(''); }
    #header_img img { visibility: hidden; }

    cutline puts the header in as an image, not a background, hence the visibility: hidden;.

    HOWEVER i don’t see your custom CSS stylesheet being loaded. if you’ve paid for it, and it was working in k2-lite, then you should send in feedback.



    sunburntkam —

    Okay, thanks! K2-Lite calls the header as a background image so that’s what wasn’t working, it seems.

    You’re right I deleted all my Custom CSS since the only thing I needed right now was the image header and it wasn’t taking with the code I was using, so I just removed it all to troubleshoot.

    I used your code, inserted my privates and BINGO! It’s working! Super! SuperDuper! THANKS! The current test image is slightly different than the one you saw.

    Are there any resources here that explain the variety of CSS code we need to call headers and such for various themes since they don’t all work universally?


    inserted my privates


    no, there’s no comprehensive listing. i suppose i could make one, but i’m not sure it would be that useful to very many people. if i see enough questions on the forums, i’ll start one, though.



    Sounds great, sunburntkamel, and I thank you again for your superquick reply and help! I can understand how customizing CSS headers by calling remote images might not be for everyone.


    Could I ask you a question? How did you place your page links below your header. Mine are presently above my header and I use the CUTLINE theme also.

    I am really green with CSS, so your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much.




    We actually had a thread on that. Let me see if I can find it right off.


    Thank you drmike. I appreciate this.



    *chuckle* of course now I can’t find it…



    I know we had it in here somewhere.

    Anyone remember?



    I’m thinking something else here actually. I’m seeing the page links on the top of his header when I view his blog



    Perhaps this was what you remembered. It was the pre-cursor to this thread.



    No this was ages ago. It was one of the first walkthrus we had when the CSS upgrade came out.

    It’s a different topic though. I was thinking about a walkthru where we we could get the page links under the header image when they weren’t suppost to be there in the first place. I thought Andy did it.


    Hi there:

    I was away from the computer and now have returned. Thanks for trying to remedy this problem. I am seeing the page links above his header as well now. For some reason, when I first viewed his blog, his header didn’t load – just the page title.

    If you can find a way to move the links below through CSS, that would be great though.

    Thanks again



    Hello, I am also using cutline and have the css custom upgrade. I am having trouble finding which bit of code to change the colour of a) the blog title and b) the green “front page” page title link. I’d also like to remove the smilie please. I know these are basic css questions so my apologies in advance!

    Many thanks,
    Angela (

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