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Cutline is Gone!?@(!(!(

  1. @Sensuous: true -been a bit of a drama queen but I had a an awfull rough day yesterday. I already apologized above and doing it again to all and WP for my over reaction on the forum.

    @themeshaper: ontheliner has made a thread with suggestions where I added my penny: -at the moment I must say that I'm cooled down at 12%. I'll be at 5% if you change the background color for the sticky to a shade of grey I'll post the idea i have in ontheliners thread :)
    thanks for looking out and keeping cool. not an easy task -speaking from experience in customer service ;)

    let's be one happy family again -it's a frustrating experience for all ole Cutline users/lovers but we'll get over it at some point ... or half for some :p

    happy blogging,


  2. Just want to chime in and say it would have been great to have advance notice of the change. Several things were changed in addition to the theme: my tab order changed and some widgets were added that I didn't have before (Flickr, blog roll). I took care of the widgets, but how do I change the tab order back to how I had it? Thanks!

  3. Well...actually coraline is as good as cutline.

  4. Left a reply on another thread. Yes, I see now that each widget area accepts more than one widget so I've been able to get all my sidebar widgets back. It wasn't obvious to me to drag a widget into an area that had no apparent place for it and that suddenly a box would appear to accept it. Anyway, it's all better now. I can deal with it.

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