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Cutline is Gone!?@(!(!(

  1. I opened my blog to see that my theme had been changed from Cultine to Caaroline(?) and that my blog roll, widgets, etc... were all gone. I cannot find the option for Cutline either. What is the deal?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, seaandsurf. Sorry for any confusion the phasing out of Cutline for Coraline might have caused. We have more info about the switch here and here.

    Your blog's custom header, menus, and widgets should have transferred over seamlessly in the transition but if any widgets were deactivated they should be in your Inactive Widgets pane at Appearance > Widgets. Any custom text or settings should still be there. Let us know if anything still looks out of place and we'll make sure it gets sorted out for you.

  3. This morning my blog was fine but now my theme - Cutline - is gone and has been replaced with Coraline. My widgets have not transferred. I would like Cutline back!

  4. I'm sorry but it's not possible to have Cutline back. All you need to do is to go here > Appearance > Widgets and locate the widgets in both the "Inactive Widgets" box and in the "Available Widgets" box and place them where your would like to see them display in your sidebar.

  5. Oh surprise, my theme has changed and all my widgets are gone. I'm really in trouble! Please help me to get my widgets back - and cutline as well!

  6. @schoenerwaers
    Please read what I said immediately above your post. Cutline is gone and will not be coming back. See here >

  7. this is not done!!!!!!! i'm so pissed right now!!! i lost a ton of work too as a matter of fact a,d wasn't aware of this at all untill I got to my blog (a pleasant view)!!!

  8. I'm so sorry you feel this way. Did your have the CSS ugrade? If so there are special instructions for you in this sticky post at the head of the forum >

  9. @cristovaoverstraeten

    What sort of custom work did you lose? We went to great lengths to avoid that exact situation. The new theme should be compatible with Cutline in most ways.

  10. i might have over reacted sorry! all my widgets are back there but still:
    as someone else mentionned it here:

    the tag cloud in Coraline is awful -it looks totally unprofessional/complete mess.
    --never been much fan of tag clouds but I've found it useful after time and Cutline presented it so nice..

    sorry again for being rude but this is like the 3rd bad thing that's happening to me today :(

  11. ...and as I explore the theme -I could make a list of dislikes.. :ยด(

  12. "I'm sorry but it's not possible to have Cutline back."

    So you just arbitrarily change the style of our blogs without the courtesy of telling us?!
    This is outrrageous.

    I entirely agree the cool-looking Cutline has now been turned into a naff oversized DIY design with huge wasteful "snapshot" borders round the pictures, needlessly indented too.

    Bodytext is needlessly leaded so looks like a child's reading book. As are the H2 headings, ludicrously overleaded.

    And no Front Page. "Home" does not mean the same. Massively space-wasting main sticky in YELLOW - hideous. Why can't you leave well alone?

    Cutline was the only understated theme WordPress had and now you've taken our blogs further downmarket. WordPress should be ashamed of this needless tinkering.

  13. The bottom line here is that Cutline is not coming back. Coraline is the replacement theme. Staff and Volunteers are here to help you with any specific conversion issues you have so if you do have specific issues then please post them.

  14. The Coraline tag cloud takes up a great deal more room than did the Cutline one. I think it's the way the entries are spaced. There's a lot of empty space there. Is there any chance that in the future it can somehow be a bit compressed?

    Also, though I'm sure reasonable people are going to differ on this, I do prefer that the tab say "Front Page" rather than "Home".

  15. I go to my blog this evening and lo and behold, all the widgets and buttons I spent time getting just right have disappeared. (There's zilch in the Inactive Widgets boxes too, fyi.) My blog looks like someone threw up on it. Are you kidding me? What a total dick move on WP's part. Same goes for the forced Coraline transition. The Neil Gaiman reference just makes it worse. (Would it have been that hard to email everyone who uses the Cutline theme saying the transition's coming? You've got everyone's email address, don't you?) You're planning on sending someone to my house to hand code my lost work, right?

    Just want I want to do on a Monday evening: scour support forums for solutions to problems that shouldn't have been problems in the first place.

  16. I agree with Ontheliner. Coraline is a cheap-looking replacement for Cutline. The rub is that some of us took great pains to choose Cutline because of its clean, professional-looking interface and single or double column look. Coraline, inspite of its similarity to Cutline, just looks downright cheap and unprofessional. The type/font, the framing (of avatars etc) and that yellow background on "stickies" looks just hideous.

    If WordPress wanted to replace Cutline, they should have, in the name of quality control, come up with something that was at least an improvement on a theme that was already good - on top of executing a transition that was seamless - sans the default widget stripping.

    I found by experimentation alternate themes that were not doing this - i.e. the widget stripping. The rub was that these themes were, unlike this Coraline, not meant to be Cutline replacements. What gives here?

    Yes, I know, I know. We cannot carp too much because all of this is free, right? Well, perhaps. But that does not obligate some of us to sing high praises for a "replacement" that looks like a clear downgrade.

  17. theordinarycook

    It is very disappointing to see that my blog has been changed without any notice from WordPress and that I now have to spend time putting back all the widgets that I have spent hours putting into place. I am very upset with WordPress on this one. If you are going to replace a theme at least it should be seamless and not require lots of additional work on the part of the blogger to recover their work.

  18. I posted on another thread/forum earlier about this mess. Really now, switching without letting us know was not very friendly of you. It is very disconcerting to go to your blog and see that it is different (and the new look is not as nice as Cutline) and that all the work put into getting widgets just right, so everything flows visually, is gone. I am one of the lucky ones because my widgets are just in the inactive area, but getting them back in place has caused me a lot of extra work that I do not need. This could have been easily avoided with a simple warning.

  19. Is this some sort of joke???
    How come this change is made without any warning to users???
    Do you have any idea of the troubles this unplanned change is causing???
    Please, somebody could explain what is going on?

  20. Two points by way of answer

    1. The warning was made here:

    but not everybody got it.

    2. Cutline, which was free for us to use, became the subject of a restrictive license which WP has decided to wriggle out of. However to present Coraline as if it is The Second coming comes across as a bit misleading - because it is not. While it may have a few tagged on bells and whistles, it does not have the same polish as the Cutline we had.

    I have had to dump Coraline altogether for another theme. Now instead of salvaging widget out of a "waste basket", I am having to resize a lot of my pictures to fit new columns. Oh well ....

  21. WordPress: you should have alerted users to this issue before "wriggling out" of using the Cutlines theme. This would have been the appropriate way to give Cutlines users a heads up instead of surprising us all with the update. We could have planned ahead and made appropriate changes in advance, instead of spending the last 24 hours scrambling to figure out what happened. My blog changed themes right in the middle of teaching a class about online journalism, which, suffice to say, is just straight up not cool.

  22. I agree with all the complaints above. I guess we just have to suck it up and deal with it. But if you could just add the possibility of more sidebar widgets it certainly would ease the pain. Nobody sees widgets at the bottom of the page. And now the sidebar is just a huge area of wasted white space. What do you say, can you give us at least 2 more sidebar widgets?

  23. Ditto.

    I am now urgently looking for a better blogging platform than any suggestions? Canadian-based?

    Don't these people get it - this is how some people (like me) make a living. Having it ruined by the imposition of a vastly \ inferior theme, losing my entire widget layout; intolerable, and I suspect there's a bunch of Californian teenagers at an offiste somewhere who have no idea what the real world is like. You just don't DO this.

  24. Hi again, everybody. Again, we're sorry if you've experienced any interruptions with your blog layout (you can read more about the switch from Cutline to Coraline here and here). Custom CSS users were notified in advance that Cutline would be replaced with Coraline and we've been working with them since that announcement to make sure the transition between themes is as smooth as possible.

    If any Sidebar Widgets disappeared after the theme switch they should be available at Appearance → Widgets in the Inactive Widgets pane. If they're not, or if you need help setting up any of your widgets again, let us know and we'll do what we can to help you out.

    @cristovaoverstraeten If do you have a list of suggestions on how to make Coraline better let us know and we'll take them under consideration.

    @cristovaoverstraeten @julieshapiro I'll be looking at the tag cloud today and seeing if we can't tighten it up a little.

    @ontheliner @julieshapiro The text for the Home button is customizable using our menus feature. You can set the Navigation Label to "Front Page" with a custom link.

    Let us know if you run into other issues. We're happy to help.

  25. This was really a big gaffe of the staff. Many experienced bloggers will leave because this stormy brained idea, and seems WP will stay just for amateurs and silly.

  26. I had 5 sidebar widgets with Cutline but Coraline only allows 3, this means 2 have disappeared. Sure, I can put them at the bottom where no one will see them, but can you help me get them on the sidebar where they were before?

  27. sensuouscurmudgeon

    Lotta drama queens today. Look, I've been a heavy-duty user of Cutline for more than two years. My blog has over 1,700 posts, good traffic, and a decent page-rank. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Coraline. It uses the same font as Cutline, the same white background (if that's what you like), and more or less the same header. Widgets can be configured in the same sidebar.

    I've had a couple of very minor formatting issues, but they've been resolved (well, most of them). I'm quite happy with Coraline. In my always humble opinion, there's no reason for anryone to collapse on the fainting couch.

  28. @madisonjazz Coraline doesn't limit the amount of widgets you can add. Did you try adding more and get an error (or they didn't show up)? If so, let us know so we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

  29. culturechoc2010

    All my stuff is gone - pictures - widgets - everything is in a different order! Drama queens says DISLIKE. Is anything lost forever?????

  30. @ sensuouscurmudgeon
    I'm not concerned about this change, I'd never used Cutline, I just have read the many topics about this. But I'm worried with new changes like this that may come.
    I spent a short time for changing a blog from Connections to MistyLook, they are very similar (I changed it because connections isn't really "translations ready", after nearly a year waiting for translations deploy). But I hope that when staff want to delete MistyLook, they notify all users previously. And also INove, as far as it affects me. And any theme, of course.
    I'm glad the migration being easy, and I thank the support from staff for any problem. But it would be preferable a previous notice.

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