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Cutline - multiple authors

  1. I want to use for a group. Right now I am using Cutline, but author name is not showing up. No one can see who has posted, and cannot see the profiles. Do I have something set incorrectly?

    This is what I have set up thus far:

    Thank you,

  2. Each designer chooses whether or not to provide for individual author identification hence, some themes do provide this and some don't. It seems that Cutline doesn't provide for this. Thus you have two choices. (1) Each person posting provides a "byline" for what they post. (2) Choose another theme.
    Profiles are not included in the themes. IMO the best way to deal with profiles is to cerate and "About Us" page and post biographical info on each author there.

  3. Okay. Thanks, timethief. I also wanted to contact the author of Cutline to find out if there was a reason, but he doesn't post his email address anywhere.

    Thank you for the tip regarding profiles!

    It is too bad this doesn't come up automatically in the sidebar, possibly as a widget option.

    I will look around at the other themes.


  4. I too would love to see this (adding author to each post) as a configuration option. Or at a minimum something we can pay to customize,

  5. Any updates since this thread?
    Does anyone happen to know the themes that DO include author with each post of the top of their head? I'll search them all if not I suppose...

  6. (1) You can check the theme reviews here for themes that do have author pages

    (2) You can create a Category called Authors (parent) and Sub-categories for each author by name (children). As each post is written the appropriate Sub-Categories can be assigned to the post.

    (3) You can have each author posting to the blog to provide a "byline" for what they post.

  7. I need to send this into staff but I really would like to submit some Page Templates for some of these themes. I've, um, found where you can download the themes and I've grabbed a bunch for my own WPMu install. I would like to give something back though. Autho page templates is on that list.

    I don't know if they would accept them. It seems like staff doesn't like the idea of adding stuff to themes unless it fixes something that's actually broken.

  8. Maybe you could offer them as a Valentine. They're pretty hard to refuse, aren't they?

  9. Actually, there has been a previous discussion on Cutline and multiple author blogs. Inthis thread (, on 9/26/06, gtfbfan wrote that:

    "Finally, regarding the “major flaw” of author names not showing up underneath the post titles… The author names have been coded into the theme, but they have been commented out because most sites are single-author blogs (which would therefore make listing the author name unnecessarily redundant). Perhaps someone could request that the team uncomment these author references."

    I don't really understand what "commenting out" is, but I read this to mean that Cutline is fully capable of displaying author names, it's just that the version offered on isn't. I really hope someone will take the time to offer another version of Cutline for multiple authors, since the designer left the capability there. Cutline is by far the best template for my needs, and since I had to change to it midstream, adding bylines or categories to hundreds of old posts is not an option.

  10. Just for reference, you need to send in feedback on this. Right now you're standing in the middle of an interstate complaing about traffic problems. :)

  11. I wrote a Feedback Letter to wordpress. Please all do so, if you want the authorline included. For me it is very important.

  12. Glad you sent in feedback.

  13. I have actually jsut tried to do this today and was pretty successful. You just need to embed the '<?php the_author(); ?>' in the main index template.

    If you take a look at the main index template of the wordpress classic template you can figure out where to put it.

  14. your fix will only work for self-hosted blogs, not those hosted here at Please read the sticky at the top of the forum if your are confused.

  15. flameboy125crystal

    my friend wants me to become an author for his site wordprees set me a email that said you are now the author of (my friends wordpress) and the question is when you go to that link how to do you make or edit the site

  16. When you're logged in to WordPress while looking at the blog, you should see a blue bar at the top of the blog. Clicking My Dashboard should take you to the dashboard where you can write posts by going to Dashboard > Write. Does that help?

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