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    Ahem, “didn’t use,” not “didn’t used.”



    I wish theme-users could have been notified of the change. I logged in after several days away, and could not figure out why everything was changed. No menus, no headlines, i had to re-do my whole site – widget wise. What a pain! Still haven’t found my picasa widget…

    Anyways my BIGGEST problem is it seems ALL my news posts from pre-extisting are now showing up as “asides” – ie. there is no headline on them in the blog, and I cannot click on them to go to the main post. How do I get them back to “regular” post status?? I can’t even find this “aside” option you’re talking about, even though all my posts seem to be transferred this way… HELP!



    A surprise indeed. I LOVED my previous picture! I want it back! To be truthful, it was the sole reason I switched to this blog because I love the picture so much of the person walking out into the fields. Beautiful – and exactly how I wanted readers to feel when they entered my blog.
    VERY disappointed that I have no control over this!

    You really should have informed us first, then, if we couldn’t have what we wanted on our own blogs, we at least should’ve had more options. It’s just not right to do this to customers without anyone’s approval. Where’s my beautiful picture? And where can I go to see it again?



    I was shocked and disappointed by the change but I take what I get for nothing and none of my blogs, and more importantly, their look are too important when compared to the hopeful improvements in the new theme. I now have a good deal of work ahead of me to fix 5 or 6 of my blogs that I wasn’t anticipating doing. If design was very important to me I would be very upset about this change. In and of itself, this change throws a great blow to the confidence I have in WordPress, especially using it for any commercial use or recommending it to anyone.



    Add me to the list seconding Julie Shapiro’s thoughtful suggestions.

    I’m a paying customer for I don’t know if that puts me in the majority or the minority, but that gives me some say in customer relations. (Often, the excuse is, “What can you expect if you’re getting a product/service for free?”)

    I’m disgusted by how cavalierly mishandled this. Some of us are using these sites for business, not just for fun. When you don’t have the courtesy to notify us in advance, you damage your reputation. As Julie said, at the very least, own up to your mistake.

    It’s a bad day when a company that prides itself on open source tries to “spin” a story, and that this is a misguided attempt to punish someone over GPL issues. Hey, I happened to pick Cutline for my theme. Why am I being punished, too?



    Thanks everyone for feedback and bug reports. Below are responses:

    @julieshapiro – Feedback is always welcome. We will try out best to make sure this type of situation never happens again. It’s not fair to you to be taken by surprise, and not fun for anyone. Regarding the tag cloud, we’ll take a look and see if we can improve the display.

    @maureenholland We’ll take a look at the calendar, too.

    @sensuouscurmudgeon Can you paste a link to two examples of the blockquotes: 1) new post, and 2) old post. We’ll do our best to fix it.

    @matthiasprospero Did you figure it out? The option is in Appearance > Theme Options. You might have to do a hard refresh in your browser afterward to the changes (CTRL-R in Windows, CMD-R on a Mac or Click-Refresh).

    @artandhistory No, only a logged-in use with “administrator” or “editor” role on your site will see the Edit link. See the FAQs above for the widget issue.

    @ladylubyanka The image navigation is intentional, yes. It should take you to the next image in the gallery (or next image attached to the post).

    @bchurly That sounds like a bug. Coraline uses post in a certain category to display as “Asides”, but you’d have to choose the category from Theme Option before it’d be set for you.

    @blindcavefish and @rpregulman – Coraline is available for sites under Appearance > Themes. If you have a self-hosted site running WordPress you can get it soon, we’re planning on releasing it to the Theme Directory soon).

    @deannaadams You are using the Twenty Ten theme, not Coraline. To switch back to your previous image, go to Appearance > Themes and click Header. Choose the image you would like from that menu, and save the changes.



    What wadekwon said.

    It is incredible that my blog was butchered over some infantile fight over whatever licensing. Not my fault. Not my problem.

    Well, it IS my problem now: a giant one. Spent the entire day moving the blog elsewhere, but of course that now has no good themes either. Or traffic measurement (I live by it),. I guess another week wrestling with plugins.

    Disgusting. Unacceptable. WordPress have shown themselves to be totally, completely unready for the real world; a world were people understand business. Keep commitments. Tell the truth. Help their customers. That sort of thing.

    The “we did this because themes have come a long way” and “we told you” do not fly. You did this because of a hissy fit fight over a stupid license. And you did NOT tell me. Check my email inbox: nothing at all from WordPress.

    Well, I for one am leaving, and I suspect many others will do the same.

    WordPress had the chance to be another Facebook, but boy, did they ever screw that up. No way now.

    Do I sound angy? You BET. I just wasted a whole day, and am about to waste a week more I should thing. During that week I earn no money. Yes: I have to work for a living, unlike the spoiled brats at their offsite. And when I am wrestling with my blog, I am not earning a penny.




    “Cutline launched four years ago and the time has come to replace it.”

    That makes no sense to me. Why couldn’t you just add Coraline as an option and leave Cutline as it was?

    My right-column links are no longer being displayed. And I’m confused about how to get them back.

    I am hoping that this will be explained to us over the next few days.



    I too am very angry about this high-handed move and wondering when I will have time to make all the tweaks to get my blog looking the way I want it, not the way wordpress has decided it should look. Very very bad move.


    Widgets and links are gone and following your instructions does not seem to work.
    Also, I still get an edit line under each post. What is this and is it visible/useable to viewers?



    OK, thanks for edit info (I didn’t realize that was your checklist above) but still can’t figure out widgets. Hate to think I’ll have to set aside time tomorrow just for dealing with that. also

    – some pictures are out of alignment
    – some text is enclosed in a box (?)
    – much of text is grey rather than black

    As a PR or customer service matter, it would have been so much better to notify us in advance and let us have the option of selecting a new theme. That seems pretty basic. And then to post a notice that support is closed for a week is just short of sadistic.

    I hesitate to deal in stereotypes, but I really am the little old lady (on Social Security, even) who has only the most cursory understanding of how the heck this all works. I’ve used my blog as a sort of scrapbook during an illness and I dread the thought that I might lose parts of it.



    Can you put dividers for the posts?


    Lance: Thanks for responding. To avoid cluttering this thread, I put some “before and after” blockquote examples in a “Technical Addendum” at the end of this post at my blog. Just scroll down and you can’t miss it.

    I’m far likelier to see your response if you comment at that post, and no one else cares about this issue anyway. Or do it here. I’ll probably see it.



    I’m sorry, but that was not your best idea !!

    I looked at my blog and was confused – thought that someone hacked my site. I tooked me one hour to set all new settings and check the changes.

    I miss some translations to german. e.g. “Posted on …” or “Leave a comment”.



    I was caught off guard this morning when I saw only one widget on my blog and my theme changed Coraline. For few minutes I thought my blog was hacked. I checked fellow blogger who use to use cutline and they to had a new theme now. Then I saw the new theme update. I am able to activate my old widgets as per the instructions given above.

    I have not editted the posts yet so can’t comment on yet, but I did like the way the pictures were displayed on cutline. Coraline seems to have a thick margin/border around the image.

    I still love wordpress but would have been nice if I was told about the change ahead of a time.



    I’m not going to bitch and moan about the change, I’ve dealt with it as well as I can. However, following all the information and functionality, I’ve ended up with a problem that appears to be a bug: my header text is centered properly, however my custom header image is left justified and there appears to be no way for me to manually ensure it is centered. What’s the fix?




    I think the most frustrating thing for me is that pages that were formerly nested and invisible under a parent page are now suddenly visible via drop down menu for all to see.

    Before, I was able to keep them hidden and provide a link when I wanted them to be visible and now I’m having to go back in and either change the visibility settings for each and every individual page that I’d rather not be visible at this moment or just delete them as I really don’t have the time or energy.

    on the plus side, I’m insanely happy that I happened to go to my blog this morning before having it exposed to too many people.



    I like Coraline very much, it takes care of some small problems I had with Cutline. But I did like having the Cutline’s “← Previous Post” and “Next Post →” links at the top of each post, since I can write my own links directly into the individual posts themselves. (This is a very minor issue, of course, but if there’s anything to be done about it, I’d do it.)

    I have looked for ways to manage that from within the theme’s options, but can’t find any, and am not sophisticated enough to edit the CSS myself. Any thoughts?




    I too was very surprised to see an unfamiliar image and none of my widgets upon logging into my blog last night. I spent an hour reassembling it as best I could and am still not happy with the results. This was done because of a licensing issue? Please explain.


    So, I switch on and go to look at my daily stats, and find that they only go up to yesterday. I click on “help” and get this message: “Support is temporarily closed at the moment. We will reopen very soon.”

    Is this the beginning of the end for WordPress?

    I second pretty much everything negative that prior members have posted. It’s understandable that you might have to make some changes because of a licensing problem, but intolerable (and bad business) not to acknowledge that up-front. Instead of dumping a new theme on us without warning (and claiming you were giving us something “better”), you could have explained the situation to Cutline users and asked for our help in making the transition. For example, you could have polled users about which functional features and “look and feel” issues they felt were most important in a new theme.

    Furthermore, I am NOT happy with Coraline as an alternative. It has some nice functionality, but it LOOKS like a cheap imitation. So…I will have to find an alternative theme and, before committing to it, I feel like I need to find out what your licensing terms are in case I’ll end up having to change again in a couple of months.

    Not good, folks…

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