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    Also, btw, someone commented and it was spammed. Fair enough, I moved it out of spammed, approved it, but it’s not moving to comments. It’s staying in pending. I tried clicking apply, etc. Anyhow, don’t know if that’s related to new template or what. Just thought I’d mention. Maybe there’s just some kind of normal lag.



    Lance – my widgets are not all there and they are not in the order they use to be in. It is incredibly time consuming to open each widget and then have to drag it to try and get the list back in the original order. I agree with an earlier comment – why couldn’t you keep cutline and just add coraline as another option. I am very unhappy that you chose to rip my blog apart without notifying me ahead of time and letting me choose another option (like using another theme that I have used in the past without difficulties). I am not a happy lab-rat within this wordpress experiment.


    The new Theme is excellent!

    The only problem so far is my inability to change the category originally selected to support the ‘Asides’ feature. I created another category and tried to change but the new category is not displaying in the category drop down.



    @politicworm Those drop-down menus showing the subpages in your navigation. When you hover over a top-level item, they items that relate to that page show up so you can navigate to them quickly.

    If you’d rather not show those pages, the best thing to do is create a custom menu with only the links you want to appear. (Instructions and examples on Custom Menus here.) In your custom menu, drop-downs will only appear if you create more than one level of links.

    @milliethescientist We did not enable the Post Author display to match Cutline, the older theme. We do have plans for a better solution that will show the author name and link only when a site has more than one published author. I cannot promise a specific timeline on that, but it’ll be soon. Stay tuned!

    @kulturartekoa Links are managed from AppearanceLinks, then in your sidebar you’ll need a “Links” widget to display them.

    @claudiaputnam Your site description can be change from the SettingsGeneral menu in your Dashboard. See more help at For the comment not being approved, could you send me a link to the comment (or tell me the commenter and date?). If it’s private, email it to instead of posting here.

    @onemom I’ll be glad to help with the widgets. Since my reply will be long and including several image attachments I’ll send it to you via email shortly.

    @barbadosunderground2 Thanks for the report, that looks like a theme bug. We’ll take a look and fix it as soon as we can.



    Thanks Lance for your help with the header. We appreciate it.

    We have another problem. When comments are made to an article, the newest comment is not ending up at the bottom where it should. These are new comments not replies that would be indented and thus be out of order in the date sequence. I did a test to see if it happened and it did.

    Here is the column to see what I am talking about. We had this problem once before and it was a system error.

    bridgetteb | August 15, 2010 at 9:19 am Test to see where this comment ends up
    bridgetteb | August 12, 2010 at 12:57 pm
    Renee | August 12, 2010 at 1:05 pm
    Renee | August 12, 2010 at 1:07 pm
    bridgetteb | August 12, 2010 at 5:15 pm


    I was a Cutline user, and I am still having trouble getting my original widgets to all line up back in the right column sidebar.
    Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve tried Coraline and many others, and can’t get more than 3 to line up on the right sidebar.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


    Two more possible bugs/inconsistencies/annoyances with Coraline:

    1. When composing a new post in
    visual (not html) mode, the text appears
    in a slim, long column, whose length is
    about half that of the entry field, like this
    paragraph. Why this waste of space?
    Could this be re-examined and possibly
    corrected, please?

    2. In the hypertext, links that have been visited used to have an off-purple color in the Cutline theme. In Coraline, visited links in the text appear in black, and thus get lost in the rest of the text. Could this be revised, please?

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    How NOT to introduce a new theme: change it without soliciting/telling the users — and ending up effing all their customized widgets in the process.

    Golf. Claps.

    Yes, count me in as one of those who was affected by this wholly unwelcome change. Hopefully things will be restored soon. And hopefully you all get your collective heads unstuck from your collective backsides before considering similar ‘improvements.’


    I had just started creating my site, (wburc) carefully chose Cutline, but came back after a few days break and things looked different. I echo the complaints of not being notified of the change to Coraline which I discovered by luck having gone to the theme picking page.
    Why does the heading showing the category being displayed by a menu item say “CATEGORY ARCHIVES:” even when its displaying a new post?

    I had the default widgets – now I’ve got to find them again.


    @lance: Think I now understand Tweet Button placement. Thanks for your patience.



    @michaeljlewis For widgets to appear in the same sidebar, they should be added all to the sidebar called “Primary Widget Area”, at the top of your widgets list in Appearance > Widgets. It looks like maybe you added one to each sidebar, instead of all to the first sidebar.

    @intelligencenews Thanks for the reports on those two issues.


    one of those who was affected by this wholly unwelcome change. Hopefully things will be restored soon

    Are you still missing widgets? If so please let us know and we’ll restore them. I looked at the sidebar on your site and it looks like the widgets are all there.

    @jennystratton The default widgets in Cutline were Search, Recent Entries, and Links. Coraline uses the same set of default widgets. :) About the “Categories Archives” title: could you send an example (the URL) to where that is happening?



    Is there somewhere I can go to find out what Coraline’s new features are? I am not especially tech-savvy and need a how-to to figure all this new stuff out.

    (This happened while I was on vacation, so I was disturbed to come home and discover that my blog didn’t look like itself anymore. Some warning next time, please!)



    It appears that I can no longer embed YouTube videos in posts since Coraline came on stream. Is anyone else having similar problems?




    I was initially quite upset by the change because I really loved the Cutline theme. However, I’ve now gotten used to Coraline and see how similar the two really are.

    The only change that don’t like — and don’t know how to fix myself — is that there is no longer a comments link right under the post heading (next to the post date). I really loved this feature of Cutline because it made checking comment counts and reading comments so easy — no need to scroll to the end of a post.

    Can this be changed manually? I don’t know how to use CSS or change stylesheets or any of that stuff, so if this is something you’re able to fix for me, I would be SO APPRECIATIVE!

    Thanks for your consideration.



    When I set my blog in the spring, I was able to tweak my posts to show up under the menu tab coordinating with the post’s category. Meaning: when I categorize my post, it appears under the category’s menu tab. I loved being able to sort my posts with the menu tabs. With the transfer to the new theme, my posts are no longer showing. They are there…I can see them in my dashboard…I just can’t see them on my blog. I’m not sure this makes any sense…or if anyone can help me…but I would love an easy fix as my blog is for my students and school starts in three days!


    @barbadosunderground2 Thanks for pointing out that issue! New categories that don’t have posts yet should now be selectable in Coraline Theme Options.


    @intelligencenews With Coraline activated the Visual Editor will mimic the width your blog’s content area. It gives a more accurate picture of how your post will appear when it’s published. (You can also see this in our new default theme Twenty Ten.)

    I just double-checked and I can confirm that Cutline’s visited links were the same color as the body text but if you consider yourself experienced with CSS that’s something that can be altered with our Custom CSS upgrade.



    My widgets are missing at



    @judymintz Thanks for your post here—your widgets should be restored now. Could you please take a quick look and confirm they’re looking good to you?



    Way back at the first of this thread you mentioned the possibility of Coraline going .org. Would tomorrow be too soon? Not rushing you or anything but I happen to like this theme. ( Don’t shoot me people!) Where would I go to find news on the progress.
    Thanks for your hard work.

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