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Cutting and pasting from Ms-word

  1. Sometimes one wants to insert a lot of text already there in a word document into ms-word editor. Last time I modifeied the font in word document to Arial Unicode MS -12 which seems to be the standard default font format of ms word. I did this successfuly.

    However now the same thing is not working. It clubs the entire paragraphs in one giant paragraph. Is there anyway to achieve this.

    In blogger, it was easy to copy and paste. I don't know why it creates such a big hassle in wordpress. Kindly let me know if there is any solution. Thanks in advance.

  2. If it's still in MS word format then you could open the document and save it as a plain text (.txt) file. It will lose all the formatting but if you then open the new file in notepad (or similar) you can then just copy and paste it in with no problem.

    I don't know why it does it either, it might be something to do with how wp interprets the text when it is pasted into the editor window.



  3. Thanks very very much, Cornell. You have saved a lot of my time.

    This was a readymade text that I pasted from somewhere.

    This implies that everytime I can type what I want to in word and save it as a text file, is it? Kindly confirm because I am used to word.

    Thanks profusely once again. I can't thank you enough, honestly.

  4. Yep, you could easily do it that way every time. The nice thing about word is the text wrapping.

    Using notepad to create is fine but it's a pain to try and write without the wordwrap. So, write it in word, save it as plain text and then open in notepad to paste to the editor window.

    No problem by the way! Glad I could help. :)


  5. Notepad by default has Wordwrap turned off. You can set Notepad to Wordwrap, i.e. turn it on. Go to Format> Wordwrap.

  6. Thanks Britgirl - you'd think I'd know that being an IS engineer eh!

  7. Or, click alt + b and the advanced editor will appear. from there you can choose the button to copy from microsoft word or simple text editor. Good luck.

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