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  1. What can we as wordpressers do about it.
    I witnessed it on a blog. Some agreed with me that it was happening. Others said we were too sensitive. My vocalizing support for someone I saw as being bullied; is now being used as a ploy to apparently expose me on this person's next blog entry (based on the comment they left on their blog). What can we do about this sort of abuse? This person is leaving comments (or someone else is) on their own blog as if it came from me, which appears to do nothing but incite people. Once again, what can we do about this as a community? Why are we allowing people to pretend they're helping wordpress along when it appears to be more of singling out and targeting bloggers - in the name of wordpress? There is nothing about me to be exposed. But why are we allowing people to do this in the first place? The only result will be what happened to the other blogger. Lots of angry people commenting, with it being dragged into other settings. Not to mention all the forums and emails, created because of all of this.

  2. Normally, I hate to see this kind of issue in the forums. Flamewars and abuse belong in the comments on blogs, as God intended. But there is a simple legal issue here.

    It is against the law in the state of California and in most of the US to impersonate a given person online. The criminal does not have to state that they are that person: they merely have to upload information designed to give this impression. It is a stalking felony. See if you can get the police department to give this person a reality check.

    It's extremely doubtful they'll arrest someone for this, but their attentions just might put a stop to it. Something about three to five in prison has that chilling effect.

    If someone is saying something nasty or abusive but not illegal, my advice is to fight fire with fire. It is great for hits. If thats' not your character, you have the option to rise above it, or to take it.

  3. I have been fighting fire with fire, in defense of another blogger. Which is why he now wants to make me his target in his next blog entry. As far as hits to my blog, I could care less. I have my circle of buds.

  4. Joshua, you're preaching to the converted here. I've had cyberstalkers who translated into real-life stalkers.

    You. Ain't. Seen. Nuthin'.

    The story you tell me is one with which I'm familiar. I've given you some solid advice. It would be your best course of action to read the options and choose the one you can live with the easiest.

    You have had conflicts in real life, I'm sure: we all have. They are resolved very much like online conflicts. If you write to the town paper and ask all the townspeople to involve themselves, they may or may not do so but they aren't obliged to. Not to put too fine a point on it, but there are almost seven hundred thousand blogs on WordPress and not all of those people will care.

  5. Is troll-baiting against the terms of service?

  6. I sure hope not. ;) I prefer the bait 'em and then fail to feed them approach myself. ;)

  7. This person is leaving comments (or someone else is) on their own blog as if it came from me

    What?? What do you mean? Did they hack into your blog? How else can they impersonate you? Is there name clickable that leads to a blog or just saying your name?

  8. @ Cornell - I'm not familiar with the term troll-baiting, but please explain, because I feel like you're implying I did something wrong. Nonsysnoop - I mean that comments are being left on this person's blog with my username. And when I try to respond back to tell this person it was not I - he keeps them in moderation. All these other people are jumping all over me for leaving these supposed comments, but he doesn't put up the message that I had nothing to do with it. What would you think?

  9. I just searched a definition of troll baiting and got several different ideas - all around a trouble-maker, or someone antagonizing a trouble-maker. Is this how I'm being perceived. Because if it is, I'd like to delete this forum I started :) I've gotten along just fine with blogging for almost 6 years, and have never experienced the amount of drama I have (in the past 3 days - from a blogger who just opened up a WordPress blog less than a week ago!). I thought this was a good avenue, as I was not the only one affected by this situation. I also have been in contact with support, and they seemed indicative of understanding my situation. But, as you can see, I'm very sensitive about all of this. I don't like seeing other bloggers being bullied, and I obviously don't like being threatened for the same actions against myself. There are so many other alarming things about this person: Like plagiarism, fake comments, choosing to keep comments I left; asking for a peace offering from being displayed, Numerous forums, emails, and support questions over his agenda. I am an established blogger with many long-term blogbuds (many of whom I do things with outside in the real world). I am new to wordpress, but not new to blogging. And I don't understand why this is happening. If you witness a role that you feel I'm playing. I'm open to constructive feedback. Thank You.

  10. Since you're talking about WordPress blogs, it should be obvious to anyone intelligent that, if the post doesn't have a link back to your blog it's not coming from you. If the person goes as far as using your username and putting in your blog to make it appear to be you, that would probably be a violation of the TOS on WordPress and something you should take up directly with the administrators of the service.

    As I said in my first response, deliberately uploading information to the Internet to give the impression you are some specific other person (in this case you) is a felony under the laws which govern us here at WordPress. Perhaps if you familiarize the person doing this with this information and that you've been advised to report it, there might be a stop.

    In the mean time, I'd make a text widget explaining that you've got a cyberstalker who is pretending to be you in the comments on other people's blogs. Put it as the very first thing in your sidebar, along with that person's IP information, if you have that. Be very clear that posts coming from that IP are not you.

    That way, you've taken action and you've passed along info to WordPress that they can take action on and you've also given the person doing it a damn good reason to stop. Seriously, it's three to five. In prison.

  11. The name is clickable to my blog. What IP it is, I have no idea - as I can't access that on someone else's blog. I have reported this to WordPress.

  12. Sounds like you're on it. But do the widget thing just the same; you'll get people coming to your blog from those clicks, and they should have some clarification right up front. A blog post would just get moved down.

  13. It also does not show up on my dashboard that I left a comment on this person's blog. Other comments I've left, on other blogs, do show up on my dashboard.

  14. I think it would only show if it's been approved. I had a run-in or two with a deleter as well, and they never showed on my comments in the dashboard.

  15. @Joshua
    rain has given you solid advice - do the widget thing. And I certainly wasn't mocking you. I have been cyber-stalked myself. I hate trolls and anyone who would pretend he was someone else to bring grief down on you is the lowest scum there is.

  16. how would someone be cyberstalked? and what would your cyberstalker do? curious.

  17. You don't want to know.

    What Joshua is describing is one form of it. There are many others. One of the most common is probably someone trying to find out everything they can about you and then going after you in real life. But THE most common is somebody dogging your every online footstep, throwing hostility your way all the time and never, for a moment, letting it go. It's an obsessive, abusive behavior indulged in by those who are not entirely healthy, to say the least.

  18. so how did you manage to throw off your cyberstalker?

  19. Had him arrested.

  20. ditto

  21. Well I wrote a very subdued entry about all of this and I'm letting it go. I'm trusting that karma will work in my favor - even if the trickery persists. Thanks for all your advice. I take it seriously. And I'm not going to say what other actions I may or may not take :)


  22. That's wise. Best of luck to you, Joshua.

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