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Daily emails to subscribers - setting the time message is sent

  1. Daily emails of new posts to subscribers: Can I control (set) the time the message is sent out? I would like them sent to all of my subscribers at the same time (their local time) and at a time of MY choosing. Is there a setting for this?
    Thanks - Alan

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Alan. If I understand correctly, you want your subscribers who decided to receive your posts daily (not immediately) to receive that particular email at 6 AM their local time? I don't think that would be possible (but perhaps a volunteer can confirm).

    The closest you can have is to schedule a post at a particular time. However, that will go out at your local time, not your visitors' local time, and only if the blogger decided to receive notifications immediately:

  3. Thanks, airodyssey: What I'm looking for is a way for ME to determine what time of day the emails of new posts go out to subscribers who choose DAILY emails of new posts. I can easily live with them all going out at the same time (say eastern, for example) regardless subscribers' time zone since the majority will be in my zone. I just want to be able to set what time that will be if possible.

  4. Schedule your posts to go out at the same time each day, instead of posting live, just as airodyssey said.

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