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Daily front page posts

  1. Is there a way to make it so that the home page only shows that day's posts? That way June 11th 2008 only shows June 11th's posts and so on. I know you can do it w/ blogger, figured wordpress could.

  2. Sorry, not on

  3. Yes, there is a way. Set your blog to post only one day's posts and that will work.

  4. @Rain,
    where's that setting?

  5. Options/reading /blog pages/ show at most 1 post

    I chose to show 5 posts, but I used to have a photoblog where I showed 1 every day

  6. but that will show only one post, even if you publish three in one day.

  7. @rain setting the number of posts is a solution, but would require you to reset it every day if you posted different numbers of posts each day. There isn't actually a way to set it to limit posts to the current day, at least any that I could find.

  8. I misunderstood the question. Sorry ;)

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