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    Hi everyone,

    I’m working with some NGOs to set up an activisty-type website where members can submit personal stories. We’d like to set up a WP.com blog and post these stories via email to the blog, using the Post by Email functionality. The end goal is a blog where all the stories can be viewed.

    We may end up receiving thousands of submissions over the course of a few hours. Is there a limit on the number of posts a WP.com blog will accept? Can it handle being emailed thousands of posts over a short period of time. We’d hate to lose any of the submissions.




    Hi there!

    Blogs here at WP.com have no limit but there is no option for your readers to sign up as members but you could set up a contact page with a contact form for your readers to submit stories to the admin of the blog…

    Documentation for → Contact Form


    Thanks so much! The idea is to have members submit stories to our software where they’d be (a) stored in our database and then (b) emailed by our server to our secret WP.com posting address.

    They should then appear on the blog, correct?



    Yes your members could email your central email server then you could forward the email to your secret WordPress.COM post by email address. In that case you would need to do a small amount of editing on the forwarded email to take out the senders email address info etc.

    I would not give out your blog’s post by email address and I would moderate or double check the submissions to make sure there was no abuse or someone did not get the email address that you did not want to post.



    WordPress.com can handle the Digg effect of having thousands of visitors in a short period of time.

    As far as receiving thousands of post-by-emails to your site, I’d run that past Staff directly to make sure. http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/


    Many thanks for the advice. I emailed staff. If anyone has any additional thoughts, please let me know. We’re looking to launch this project in the next couple days.



    Since support is usually closed over the weekend, I’ve also tagged this thread for their attention.



    There is most definitely a limit to how many emailed posts can be received in a set period of time. It’s a very high limit and in place to identify and quickly shut down auto-posting spam blogs. For this reason, we do not make the exact limit public.


    Thanks, macmanx.

    Does the limit apply to blog contributors? If we create a WP account for the server’s ‘from’ address and add it as a contributor, will emails sent from that address be susceptible to the same limit?



    Yes, the limit is applied to how many emailed posts the blog itself receives in a set amount of time, so it does affect all users.

    More than likely, you’ll never reach the limit, just be aware that it is there and try to space things out a bit if possible.

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