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Dailymotion and Commenting - Problem

  1. Did you also realise, that commenting while watching a Dailymotion-Video is not possible at all? It seems, that the Dailymotion-Player keeps the mouse & keyboard focus. Only after doubleclicking some text, the focus is released, and commenting is back. Weird, because the Youtube-Player don't have this problem. When i pause the video, it releases the focus back to the user.

    I really like the Dailymotion-Service, because the more variety the better, but this issue should be fixed. Here is a example:

  2. I think that this is the kind of issue that ought to be sent to staff by way of a feedback.

  3. Left a comment fine while viewing the video. Using IE 6. Had no issue. What browser and browser version are you using?

  4. Thanks drmike, i am using Firefox, also did the user who was remarking that issue. So i tried with Opera 9.10 and it works fine. Also i tried the IE-Engine (must be some 6.x-Version) and it also worked with that. So it seems to be some problem related to Firefox, bad news :(

  5. Weird, on the Dailymotion-Website of the video i can comment with Firefox. It is just the embedded player here at WordPress, which has that problem with Firefox and the user-focus, it seems...

  6. Someone else is going to have to test this out as I'm on my locked down terminal today and can't install Firefox here.

  7. Should i try to send feedback? (Tried already yesterday, but the form was behaving strange, didn't close after pressing the send-button)

  8. I just tried using FF2.x on os x and all is okay.
    I'll try to test in Windows later (but more tests = better)

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