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    Am I the only one frustrated with the Dailymotion embed feature? It works nicely except that you can’t regulate the width, and all the workarounds to this problem are pretty insufficient:

    1) Limiting the width for all auto-embeds isn’t really a satisfying solution, since you might want other embeds to be wider that what you’re trying to do with the Dailymotion video.

    2) The gigya workaround is flash based, so it doesn’t work on iOS devices.

    It seems like such a simple piece of code to add, do anyone know why this hasn’t been done?

    The blog I need help with is johandalgaard.wordpress.com.



    Does this help?

    At Settings -> Media in your Dashboard, you have a “Maximum size for auto-embeds” setting. Just leave it blank for the default. … And then don’t use the shortcode: paste the URL of the video in the HTML editor. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/dailymotion-width-problem?replies=4


    Yeah, it works that way, but it’s a shame that it affects all auto-embeds. Certain dailymotion videos I would like to have the full width of the blog, and others I would like to be smaller, for instance for placing them in a table-based grid. Posting via gigya works, but since it’s it based on Adobe flash, the videos don’t show up on iPhones, iPads, iPod touch’s etc…

    The YouTube embed feature is very flexible, and some of that flexibility integrated in the Dailymotion auto-embed would be nice. In a perfect world, controlling full-screen enable or not, turning comments on/off etc., would be great additions too. But the width is such a basic necessity to control the appearance of the blog, it’s really a shame it’s not integrated,



    Would you like to post a thread requesting that in the Ideas Forum?

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