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  1. bloggersanjida


    for the first time in my life i am online right at home!
    since blogging is the reason i decided to go live at home, and since wp is the blogging platform i use AND since I would never have made it as a wp blogger without all you wonderful forum people, i am breaking the news to YOU ALL first!

    wish me luck! please! all your best wishes will get my er, digital housewarming party started.

  2. woo hoo! welcome to the digital world.

    i'll have a martini please. ;-)

  3. I wanna stay home and blog and stuff all day. I told my wife last night that she needs to go out and make as much as me so I can stay home and have fun. Of course it was a joke because she knows she can't reach my pay anytime soon (she's a "stay-at-home-wife" with no kids).

    So.. I "goof off" at work.. posting blog entries 'n stuff. It's hard to hit my project deadlines when I'm burning so much time. I can't help it! :x

  4. bloggersanjida


    one martini coming up in one and zero, and if it doesn't reach you, you know who to blame! the viruses!

    i understand your situation very well indeed. why din't somebody say that wp is actually addictive, it passed off under the nose of authorities just like cigarettes do.
    there ought to be a statutory warning. something like "blogging is injurious to your otherwise normal life'.

  5. blogging is injurious to your otherwise normal life

    LOL! I love it. :-)

  6. Shomoshor,

    Wish you lots of success! :)

  7. Here you go, shomoshor: WordPress warning

  8. bloggersanjida

    thanks for wishing!

    but um, success? i don't even know what that means anymore! here i am, a person basically interested in blogging, as a way to let people know who i am -- and then before i know it, i am faced with a deluge of terms i never even heard of in all my life, let alone give a damn about them. technoratti, stumble upon, digg, reddit etc etc, blog stats, link building, seo etc etc -- i can go on and on and on. but you have a basic idea here!

    not that i care to be a technoratti-topper. i don't know, that kind of goal is just not my thing. i want to blog, bcos i like to get my stuff known, not to be wowed in a chart-topper way.

    but, look at me again. the same person, who just wanted to blog, now wants to learn some php. so that she can offer fresh content for other blogs like thefreedictionary does.

    hmm, how blogging affects you, depends largely on your mental disposition, i say!

  9. You got internet access at home for the first time?

  10. bloggersanjida


    I have been doing stuff - that means emailing and browsing and downloading for years, and blogging lately - sitting in cybercafes!

    and now i feel so liberated!

  11. Shomoshor,

    For me, to be successful at blogging doesn't mean to be top at technorati, stumbleupon, etc. Those things are 'bonuses', I think.

    If you gain readers because of what you write in your blog, you're successful.
    If you learn .php and help others by sharing your knowledge, you're successful.

    My blog isn't top at technorati or any of those sites, and I don't care. My priorities are others. Nonetheless, I feel my blog has been successful in helping others.

    So, you can be successful by blogging the way you want and feel good about it. That's what I think ;)

  12. That's cool! I can't imagine being in cafes and wondering if someone is looking over my shoulder or all the privacy issues that could go wrong.

  13. bloggersanjida

    thanks, the way you explain it helps. i totally agree with you.
    and it's good to know you are a coder!

    i could manage to pull it off because my stuff weren't really that private in the first place. besides everybody else are busy thrashing their own keyboards anyway. as for ip privacy and stuff, i din't feel unsafe or whatever, the reason is "ignorance is bliss". ah, the pleasures of living in a fool's paradise!

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