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    Hi! When I’m editing my site (using the Dara theme) I have a featured content banner on the home page that lets me cycle through blog posts that have been tagged ‘featured.’ It only works fine when I’m editing, though. When I try to visit the site in an incognito bowser window to see what visitors would see, the featured content banner has totally disappeared. Is anyone else having this problem?

    The blog I need help with is reelfictionpodcast.wordpress.com.


    Hi there!

    I visited your site using both Chrome and Internet Explorer. In both browsers, the Featured Content banner seemed to be working on my end. It starts with ‘300’ and continues to Titanic.

    Can you tell me a little more about what’s happening? Which browser you’re using? Is there an error message?


    Nick M.


    Hi Nick!

    Thanks so much for checking on this! Yup, that’s exactly what the featured content should show. Very weird.

    I’m using Chrome and opening an in cognito window to check it (rather than log out of my own wordpress account). There’s no error message, but the banner is just missing completely.

    Were you logged into your wordpress account when viewing the site? Maybe for some reason that’s allowing you to see it, and if you’re not logged in, it won’t show up?
    Glad it was working for you though!

    Thanks again!


    Hi Emily,

    I also logged out and the banner was missing. Quick follow-up question. Are your ‘episode’ posts set as public or private?

    Not too sure what’s going on with this, so I’ll I add a modlook tag to get a little more help.

    Nick M.



    Well this is interesting, as staff I don’t see the banner in incognito or while I’m logged in!

    I realized as staff I always see ads whether I’m logged in or not, so I tried disabling those temporarily and it seemed to help. Can you confirm it’s working there too?


    Thanks for looking into this everyone! (The episode posts are all public, Nick)

    Now when I check the site on in cognito, the banner is back. Disabling the ads might have helped? Not sure why though!

    If we re-enable the ads and we have the same problem, does that mean I need to be starting over with a new theme? We’d definitely like to keep a featured content banner on our site at all times.

    Thanks again!



    No worries, I’ve already been working with our ads and theme teams so we can resolve whatever is wrong before we put the ads back.

    Have a great weekend!

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