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    How can I change the text in the “short excerpt for the page” under the Featured Pages?

    The blog I need help with is healthretreatsamui.wordpress.com.


    Hello there,

    To edit your site’s pages, you can access them here: https://wordpress.com/pages/healthretreatsamui.wordpress.com . Once you add content to each page, what now reads as “short excerpt for the page” will change to the content you have written.

    Also, here is a fantastic link with some information about your theme: https://wordpress.com/theme/dara

    Hope this helps to answer your question. If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to ask :)


    To add to amandasjackson’s post, you can customize excerpts from the editor.

    For the Dara theme you set the featured blog posts by going to a post and adding the ‘featured’ tag. Please open up one of your featured posts’ editor and go to ‘More options’ in the right-hand sidebar, there you will see the excerpt text field.

    Here’s a neat gif to aid you https://cloudup.com/cHmpqGEGpBE


    thanks for adding @jjchrisdiehl :)


    amandajackson and jjchrisdiehl,

    Thanks for your prompt and detailed responses – however, I don’t think either of your suggestions solve my problem. Here’s why:

    I assumed that what amandajackson writes above would happen the way she suggests, but it didn’t. I have added text on the page, but none of it shows up on the Featured Pages section of my static Home Page.

    I am talking about Featured Pages, not Featured Posts, so I see no place where I could add a “featured” tag on the page that would make any difference as jjchrisdielh suggested.

    My page is at http://www.healthretreatsamui.wordpress.com and the Featured Page which I have created and am concerned with is Bungalows. I’ve just started building this page, and this is my first WordPress website. I’ve done many other using MS FrontPage and MS Expressions, but I want to do this one on WordPress so the owner can learn to maintain it herself without having to buy expensive MS software.

    If either one of you could take a look at that and give me other suggestions, or tell me if I’ve misunderstood your suggestions above, I’d really appreciate it.


    Hi @healthretreatsamui,

    Amanda asked me to take a look at this. I see that your Bungalow page is on your front page, so it looks like you found the tag for the page there. Let me know if I am incorrect.

    The text of your Bungalow page won’t show up on the static home page. You will want to put that in the page’s excerpt. To do this:
    Edit the page,
    Click on Page Settings (top right corner)
    Open More Options
    The Excerpt is there.

    Let me know if you need a screenshot, if this doesn’t work, or if you need additional help. One of us will respond. :)

    I hope this helps. Best Regards.




    Thanks a lot! Also, just in looking at these additional editing options will help me know where to go to make other changes in the future.



    It looks great, and now I want to visit one of your Bungalows. ;)
    If you need any additional help, feel free to start another thread here.

    We have a ton of great people on standby to assist.

    Best Regards.

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