[DARA Theme] Need Full Page Template for blog page Posts Testimonials

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    In the DARA theme, I have set full page templates for all my pages.
    However when I look at blog page, blog posts and testimonials, the page width suddenly shrinks and it looks bad.

    I have found out this issue has been reported since September 2017 : https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/user-full-page-template-for-blog-posts-in-dara-theme?replies=8

    In this topic, someone suggested a workaround with a blank widget on the right side, but this doesn’t help : the text is moving on the left side from one page to another and it still looks amateurish.

    Can Automatikk implement a true full width template for the :
    – homepage
    – blog page
    – blog posts
    – testimonial page
    identical as the Page full width template.

    …PLEASE !

    The blog I need help with is noceafinance.wordpress.com.



    Hi @lauraciriani, this particular theme is designed with that space in mind. I don’t know if they’ll modify this version to widen the blog page. But we will add your feedback to the original request.

    If you have an upgrade that supports CSS, we may be able to help you make adjustments that way as well. Let us know if you’re interested.



    “this particular theme is designed with that space in mind”
    It’s ok to have a space everywhere. not to put a space on pages and not on posts.

    Why did your designers create 2 different margins sizes for pages and posts in the same template you promote by default on WordPress.com ?

    Margin Post templates should be able to be adjusted to the exact same look as pages templates without having to code a workaroung in the css with a paid premium plan.

    Otherwise, when the visitor browses from 1 page to the blog it really looks odd.

    I sincerely hope you will take into account the feedback of your faithfull users, that took time to come here and explain their issues.



    The posts are meant to have widgets – does it help if you add one or two, even an “about” widget or some other text?

    I agree though; it would be nice for the posts to go full width or center on a page if there is no widget sidebar. We have shared this feedback with our theme designers.

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