"Dark" Color Scheme Option for P2 Theme?

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    I’m wondering if it’s possible for a “Dark” Color Scheme option to be added to the existing P2 Theme.


    Right now, it’s not possible to change the background directly behind the text without a custom css upgrade.

    But I only need a generic option for (dark background & light words) for P2, as it is the only one (for now) with a Front Page Post Form.

    Themes Admin, I hope you’ll consider this simple suggestion.



    I’m wondering if it’s possible for a “Dark” Color Scheme option to be added to the existing P2 Theme.

    I second Aldohyde’s suggestion for the P2 Dark Scheme.

    My eyes, while not too bad, can read light words on dark backgrounds much better than the reverse, and I like for this theme to have that variety in its scheme, please?

    Thank you,


    Thanks for the suggestions, gang. I’ll add them to our list of ideas to look through with P2. We have a slew of bugs and features that we’re fixing/adding to P2 right now so this isn’t an option we’re heavily focused on, especially since it’s not in high demand and something that can be handled with a Custom Design upgrade. Cheers.



    philiparthurmoore, thank you for the reply. I understand that Themes Admin has their priorities for P2, so I’m glad that my suggestion has been put somewhere on the list. :) I know about the “custom design upgrade”, but sometimes a generic dark template will suffice.

    BSE, I also have less-than-average eyesight, so my preference for dark themes stems from the same reason as you. Other users who may have similar eyesight problems are probably using other themes for now (I’m currently on 2011 Dark).

    Quick question: How do I “follow” the updates for any specific theme? Where do I “subscribe” to be informed of updates for P2 in particular?

    Thanks again for following up.


    @aldohyde: There’s not a super easy way to do this right now but if you’re familiar with SVN then you could just view a commit log on https://wpcom-themes.svn.automattic.com/ (that’s every single free/public theme that we have on WordPress.com) either by command line or an SVN application like Versions. I’ll see if we can’t set up an easier way to handle this, though, like making an RSS feed for changes that you can subscribe to.


    @aldohyde: Check this out: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/125028/sending-svn-commits-to-an-rss-feed There are a few solutions there that may help as well.

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