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Darn it mom, why did you have to teach me to cook casseroles?

  1. Wonderful cook, delicious mouth watering, comfort food. That was then...this now translates to...heart clogging, weight gaining, need more time at the gym food.

    I am a frustrated cook! Between needing to feed us healthy, quick and delicious meals...I just want to give up!

    All I know how to cook is gravy and casseroles...I can make your backside expand faster than the latest episode of Paula Dean...

    Any suggestions? Great recipe links, super easy cooking blogs...tell me about it before they starve! I am at risk of raising another casserole cooker!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. These work for me:

    Burritos = Your favorite tortillas, beans from a can, raw spinach, make your own salsa or buy it. Diss the meat and diss fat & cholesterol. Beans & spinach are loaded with protein.

    Beans and rice =Better if it's whole grain

    Make salads with lots of raw spinach. That's all the protein you'll need for a meal, if not the day. Instead of a fattening dressing, try Fort Bragg's Amino Acids -it's light and tasty. Add your favorite veggies.

    Fruit & yogurt is a meal in itself. If the yogurt is soy, it lacks cholesterol.

    Try the book, "Skinny Bitch." They've got a bunch of easy-to-make recipes there. Nutritious and yummy. I'm a vegetarian so I'm partial to foods with no animal products.

    If you're really committed to nutrition, I recommend a book that's written by a professor. He holds a coveted position at Cornell University, as professor emeritus, teaching nutrition. His book is based on science, as it is the largest study of nutrition ever done on this planet, and it has information in it that has been largely peer-reviewed. Don't read it if you don't want your jaw to drop to the floor.

  3. oops, I forgot to name the book... Pete's going to kill me now. "The China Study" by Dr. Campbell.

    Here's an interesting link on the book from the New York Times:

  4. Thanks so much. I use spinach in salads and always forget how much protein it has!
    I will also be looking up that book.

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