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Darn Spammers

  1. Blocking IP numbers won't do much of anything. I have a ProBoards forum and this evil twat keeps on coming back with new IP numbers. I'm pretty sure I know who it is. Someone I know from a message board. :(

  2. Agreed but blocking does help. You should see how many attacks and spam runs I see stopped at my firewalls due to the deny list I have.

  3. The guy who's bothering me has never had a different IP - diffrent email and websites, yes, but the I.P. is the same.

  4. Oh now they're just getting rude:

    Nice layout. But i didnt find information for me that i try to find on your website. But thanks you in any way!

  5. It either comes from Virginia or Australia on my ProBoards. A while back someone from Texas was bothering me.

  6. I've got a former client of mine in Midland, Texas who I booted who still causes me problems. TimeWarner won't deal with him either. Going on six years now....

  7. ~sigh~

    Found out today that one of my stalkers is a friend on my blogroll.

  8. TABINDEX is the new one that's been coming at me. Why would someone sit out there creating hundreds if not thousands of comments that don't even link to something that could even make them money. I mean, I'm annoyed at spam that exists solely as mass advertising, but I understand the motives behind that. This other kind of spam is just electronic graffiti.

  9. nosy - hey, I hear you and I actually had the same experience.

  10. The same thing? I met the person at an IMDB message board where all evil exists. I haven't said anything. Kind of like keep your enemies closer type of thing. They're probably reading this now. lol

  11. nosy - What is IMDB? And yup they're everywhere even here.


    It's the International Movie Database.


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