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Dashboard & Blog Stats pages are not updating

  1. I did a complete recovery of my computer on 26 July and since then,
    my Dashboard and Blog Stats are frozen at 26 July. Even though I did a posting on 27 July and have had several comments they are not showing on Latest Activity. Can anyone help me get my Dashboard/Blog Stats to update?

  2. Yeah my stats are off too in the referrals and top posts. They don't match. And also when I click to see the extended list, it's an even shorter list.

  3. About an hour ago, my Dashboard and Blog Stats updated to the current date. Don't know what the problem was but it seems to be fixed now.

  4. I think this problem has resurfaced. The dashboard and stat pages have been frozen for an hour or so for me. Anyone else notice the same thing?

  5. Mine are fine. I've seen some activity in the last few hours.

  6. Everything seems okay here too.

  7. Hi all.... a newbie speaking.
    Just wondering what the "1" is in blog stats under the dashboard-blog stats-yesterday area?
    There have been two views from this and I am wondering where it's coming from? Is it me viewing my own page? Or some other entity.

    Also just wondering how to get the search engine stats (on the same admin page) moving?

  8. The same person probably viewed two seperate pages. If you're logged in, the system shouldn't be couning your own views when you look at your blog.

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