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    How do I make sure that the ‘Dashboard’ will appear when I log into Word Press

    The blog I need help with is wiselawny.wordpress.com.


    Hi –

    In the upper left corner you can toggle between My Sites and Reader. My sites is where you will work on and edit your site, including posts and pages.

    I hope that helps.



    That doesn’t really answer my question. When i logged into my Word Press blog in the past the word “Dashboard” prominently appeared When I clicked on it, i had a number of actions i could take–the most common one was going to my posts.

    Now i no longer have that option—since i don’t see a “Dashboard” label when I log in. Has the system changed since I last used it. I am looking for the easiest and fastest
    way to get to my posts when i log in to my wordpress account. Your help is much appreciated.


    Click on “My Sites” and scroll down to the bottom and click “WP Admin” if you want to get to the old traditional dashboard. If you don’t have the link at the bottom just add /wp-admin to your site address and save it in your browser. However the My Sites/Calypso dashboard now has pretty much the same features as the wp-admin dashboard anyway.

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