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  1. How come the page is different?

    Is there a way to switch back to the old one?

  2. Taken from the requests of many users, and constructed by the talented design community behind the core WordPress software, this is now the future of the WordPress Dashboard.

    Like any new interface, it will take some time to get used to, but it really is a nice improvement.

  3. On the bottom of the page, it keep asking to upgrade my INTERNET EXPLORER.

  4. What version of IE are you using?

  5. Argh, I hate having to go to a different place for subscriptions but now it won't even pull them! The new dashboard would be fine if IT WORKED. A "My Subscriptions" link should take me to them. It does not.

  6. As mentioned on that page, we've moved the management of subscriptions to the Subscriptions tab on the main page:

  7. sportsattitudes

    Subscriptions seems to be "thinking" but not coming up. Issue with that move to the tab? Not working for me.

  8. Does it work if you go to just ?

  9. sportsattitudes

    It does not. Little blue lights flashing indicating it is about to present them but that's all that happens...tried to "backdoor" into them from the new dashboard also. Subs not coming up. Using latest IE by the way if that is relevant.

  10. IT DOES NOT WORK. I do not have the most recent IE. This just happened. Went to lunch and came back to this mess. I cannot get to subscriptions which, since Blog Surfer doesn't update anymore, is a bit of a problem. Blog Surfer was great - not sure why that ever needed to be messed with.

  11. It looks like all the tabs on the main are a bit broken, we're currently looking into it.

  12. I cannot get a full screen to input a new post. WTF.

  13. I lost my dashboard menu completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hang in there, all present issues should be resolve shortly.

    Clearing your browser's cache may also resolve any lingering issues:

  15. This seems like a major revision, not an incidental upgrade. Also, it should work. How does it happen that WP launches this new interface without making sure it checks out? The problems are huge and easy to notice!!

  16. We check it out. Changes like this are actually part of the core WordPress software and go through extensive testing between both us and eager self-hosted WordPress users before being rolled out here.

    These days, you just can't account for every possible scenario until 18 million users get their hands on it.

  17. It's looking great, thanks WordPress as usual.
    Just want to mention Mac, that my dashboard is working just fine but none of my main tabs on the main wp.COM page are doing anything for me. I'm patient though, I'll check back in the morning & I can't wait to try that new full page posting feature! YAY!

  18. That issue, we're definitely aware of it and working towards a swift resolution.

  19. I'm on a Mac and have tried three different browsers to try to get my subscription management page or the recent posts of the blogs I'm subscribed to. Nothing works, The default for various links winds up being either the Freshly Pressed page or my own blog page.

    Any chance this is a problem only for Mac users? Nobody has indicated which OS they use in in the above complaints.

  20. Yes, that's the issue that we're aware of and working towards a fix.

  21. Mac:

    My IE is set as 8.

    I havren't been ready to upgrade.

    When is the deadline to upgrade?

    What IE you're using?


  22. IE 8 is fine, it's just not the most recent version.

    IE 9 is better browser by far, with better security and support for standard web coding practices.

    There's no deadline to upgrade, but it's recommended.

    I use IE 9 from time to time when I need to pull my PC out for debugging, but I prefer to use Safari 5 and Firefox 4 on my Mac.

  23. I'm trying to use full screen mode however when I go to it the options for link, post, picture (and I'm guessing these are the options) are under my gray dashboard bar, is this a glich wp is working on or is it me????

  24. I'm on IE8 and not having any problems and I think it looks good.

    The Subscriptions hasn't worked for me since I joined - I've always had to go to the tabs on the main WordPress page. Although I do wish My Subscriptions would just go straight there instead of the intermediate click required.

  25. I use Chrome and my dashboard is all askew - teeny font size, especially on the Stats page. I need a magnifying glass. Horrible.

  26. Not so keen on IE9. Under the pressure exerted by WP, I upgraded.

    Guess I'll get used to it. LOL

  27. Is there an option to increase fonts size in the stats section of the new Dashboard? The font size has decreased after the upgrade yesterday. I do not wish to change my browser's zoom-in/out settings for this.

  28. The font in the new-look dashboard is so much clearer to read at a glance. A significant advance, thanks.

  29. I have nothing displaying on the page, other than the sidebars and the tabs. Can't see Freshly Pressed, Tags, Subscriptions etc.

    When I FIRST accessed the page, it was OK. Clicked on the Subscritions tab and that was OK - Clicked back to Feshly Pressed - and from that moment on, all display ceased.

    IE 9, Windows 7

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