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  1. mylittlecyberspot

    how do i revert back to the old style of wordpress dashboard? i find the new one incredibly difficult and would like to stick to the old one.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. WordPress has deleted all links back to the old editor, hoping we'll all use the new one. There's a long thread on the topic that includes several workarounds for getting back to the old one:
    WordPress promises they aren't going to remove the old editor, but they aren't going to help us get to it.

  3. @mylittlecyberspot
    To find your classic dashboard, simply add "wp-admin/" to the end of your URL, i.e.
    Bookmark that link so you can easily find it next time.

    A page with all the workarounds to avoid the new editor and use the classic instead can be found here:

    Please rather give users the second link I gave here. No one wants to read through thirty-two pages of complaints to find the few helpful answers buried there.

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