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    bwmedia and airodyssey, the latest update is that it’s still broken. For some reason, Google is not giving us consistently reliable results. I recommend relying on the Referrers in your Site Stats for this kind of information instead, as it’s much more real-time and the query that Google uses for the incoming links.

    thecrowsaid, it would probably be best to contact us or start a new thread on that.


    From what I understand from what is written over here…the RIGHT NOW would be replaced by YOUR STUFF.

    I already have something called YOUR STUFF in my Dashboard, but I believe it was always there…even when I started my blog two years ago.

    And it doesn’t really show anything helpful like the number of posts, comments, pages etc.

    What it does show is things like:
    – Person A had commented on your blog.
    – New Post: “An Example Post”
    – Updated: “Another Example Post”

    I could live without all these…what I want is the old RIGHT NOW widget. So, is WP planning to put that feature back on our Dashboards??



    I agree — I like being able to see at a glance how many categories & tags I have without having to hop to multiple pages, as well as checking the spam filter from there, and other handy tasks that didn’t require me to hunt around. I’m not impressed with the “Your Stuff” widget, which is just a list of posts & comments, not unlike what was there before and which I rarely did more than glance at.

    I hope that the functionality of the “Right Now” widget returns even if it’s called something else.


    I agree with all those wanting to see Right Now come back – very useful, was fine as it was. Please bring it back.



    I am having trouble locating the widget control with the new dashboard (was present yesterday on the main dashboard page itself). I was wondering if anyone could help me out with figuring out how to modify/view my widgets on this new dashboard?



    Sorry about that guys, finally managed to find it after all that searching. A little more roundabout, but there nonetheless. Thanks for the help in the future :)



    The “my stuff” isn’t the same as “right now” …are they bringing right now back …confused here.



    I see the word “replaced” in what macmanx said above. :(

    “We have replaced the outdated Right Now Dashboard widget with the newly polished Your Stuff widget.”



    are 4 days that I no longer have the widgets Right Now and not even the new Your Staff. I have also written to support but I haven’t received reply.
    It’s frustrating.



    I’m with you guys.I don’t like the new YOUR STUFF.I mean,it has ALWAYS been there.And I never expand it.I want RIGHT NOW back *sigh*



    My understanding from macmanx’s post above https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/dashboard-7?replies=30#post-639576
    is that the “Your Stuff” module is going to be updated (like the “What’s Hot” module was) with tabs including the “Right Now” features and more.



    I appreciate wordpress.com offer new feature. But I *LOVE* “Right Now”. Please don’t remove one feature while offer another one which don’t have the same function.

    I hope “Right Now” will come back soon. Thank you.

    Hong Kong, China



    Hi Guys!
    Wish I had my Right Now back! Who was the one who presented that idea?….BAD TOAD!!! Love your services otherwise. Going looking for A Bad Toad!



    Adding my vote that I don’t like this change either.

    I too sent email to tech support last week to inquire about this disappearance. Whereas they typically reply to my support queries within 48 hrs, they’ve gone silent on this issue.

    I don’t know if it’s related, but when I had Right Now it typically highlighted a dozen or so spam comments each day to be dealt with. After Right Now went away, apparently all spam has gone away too. No spam whatsoever has shown up for almost a week now? I don’t buy it.


    And now RIGHT NOW is back, apparently. It just turned up again at the back end of my dash. Same for you guys?



    Thank you, whoever has put the RIGHT NOW back. Please don’t replace it. Its very useful. Helps me keep track of my post number and comment number and what not!




    The “Right Now” section is back on mine. Here us, it’s very useful as we can see our blogs’ stats and summary of posts immediately.



    Guys YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Thank-you for returning our Right Now!…Saves me from myself!



    Thanks for retuning Right Now from me also. :)



    Good for returning the “Right Now”

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