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  1. My understanding from macmanx's post above
    is that the "Your Stuff" module is going to be updated (like the "What's Hot" module was) with tabs including the "Right Now" features and more.

  2. I appreciate offer new feature. But I *LOVE* "Right Now". Please don't remove one feature while offer another one which don't have the same function.

    I hope "Right Now" will come back soon. Thank you.

    Hong Kong, China

  3. Hi Guys!
    Wish I had my Right Now back! Who was the one who presented that idea?....BAD TOAD!!! Love your services otherwise. Going looking for A Bad Toad!

  4. Adding my vote that I don't like this change either.

    I too sent email to tech support last week to inquire about this disappearance. Whereas they typically reply to my support queries within 48 hrs, they've gone silent on this issue.

    I don't know if it's related, but when I had Right Now it typically highlighted a dozen or so spam comments each day to be dealt with. After Right Now went away, apparently all spam has gone away too. No spam whatsoever has shown up for almost a week now? I don't buy it.

  5. crimeandrelativedimensioninspace

    And now RIGHT NOW is back, apparently. It just turned up again at the back end of my dash. Same for you guys?

  6. Thank you, whoever has put the RIGHT NOW back. Please don't replace it. Its very useful. Helps me keep track of my post number and comment number and what not!

  7. Ditto!

    The "Right Now" section is back on mine. Here us, it's very useful as we can see our blogs' stats and summary of posts immediately.

  8. Guys YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Thank-you for returning our Right Now!...Saves me from myself!

  9. Thanks for retuning Right Now from me also. :)

  10. Good for returning the "Right Now"

  11. You don't know what 'til it's gone, right? ;)

  12. **headesk**

    You don't know what you've got til it's gone, right? ;)

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'd been back to my Dashboard, but hadn't seen it hiding down at the bottom. I've moved it back up to the top, and I'm pleased my dashboard now looks and acts as I've come to rely upon!

    Thanks again!

  14. panfilocastaldi

    Very happy to see Right Now is back.

  15. At least for right now it is. :) Thanks from me too.

  16. regencyredingote

    The Good Toad must have won out over the Bad Toad! YEAH!!!!!!! ;-)

    I am so overjoyed to have that oh-so-VERY-Useful Right Now box back on my Dashboard that I am kissing the virtual feet of whoever brought it back. May you receive may blessings for your goodness and compassion!!!

    A virtual rose in thanks: @-------->-----------


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