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Dashboard Add-on Idea

  1. Hey WordPress! Had a suggestion for something that could be added to the dashboard to help out bloggers. A To-Do list! I know we already have access to drafts for posts, but I know I like have a visible list with things I would like to complete, especially not directly post related (work on this, take photos for this idea, jot down post ideas, etc)! Keep it in mind, I would love to see it added to dashboard options! Thank you and keep up the fantastic work :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Since blogs are free here - just register a new blog (maybe or - then put the P2 Theme on it - the P2 Theme is designed for quick notes from the front page -

  3. Oh I meant as like an administrative option on the dashboard, not within the website. Just a suggestion though. Thank you for the response!

  4. Yes I know you want a note pad in the dashboard - but the second blog idea is a work around that you can use today - forgot to mention - set the note blog to Private to keep search engines out - I have used a P2 blog for quick posting in the past - you can do all the posting from the front page - no need to visit the dashboard

  5. Alright! Thank you :)

  6. You be welcome & good luck

    The notepad would probably be a major type of change - Automattic (the parent company of WordPress.COM use the P2 (and now the new but not released for general use yet o2 theme) for notes and project management inside the company - notes to other team members etc. works very well

  7. That's a matter of opinion.

  8. That's a matter of opinion.

    I think the blog part works - it's what they do with the info that seems to get lost from time to time -

    I have a beta o2 blog that we are using for project management for the CG Aux - the blog is working - getting people to use the info or help with info to post on projects is where things fail - but the P2 / o2 is easy to use for quick notes

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