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Dashboard Bug

  1. When I mouse over my name on the right side of the top nav. bar my main blog name shows up twice in the drop down - listed twice but goes to the same blog - See the Dashboard screen shot in my media library - please don't delete the blog or mess things up - the double listing has been this way for a while - the order of the blogs have been strange also - changed without me doing anything - my support notes blog was moved down to the bottom - used to be the second entry down

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ok, I think I see the problem the problem here. You have 2's.

    One is the blog, the other is a Jetpack-powered

    If I delete the Jetpack entry, it won't affect the blog. Would you like me to do that now?

  3. I think I see the problem

    Fill in appropriate sounds and looks of concern on my part :)

    Yes you can delete the JetPack entry - I just printed a copy of the stats for the few months of stats before I moved onto WordPress.COM

    I found it odd - as I have had the JetPack entry since I moved and this double posting link has been a new "feature" - had always had the ability to see the old JetPack stats - this has been a change made a few weeks ago

    Thanks for cleaning it up -

    not a big thing but one of those small "I wonder what happened here" things

  4. I have removed the Jetpack entry. Has that cleared it up for you?

    You might need to empty your browser's cache or log out/in before you notice any difference.

  5. I just reloaded the page and the extra link went away and it looks like all the other entries are still there - the JetPack is also gone from the Stats section -

    so everything looks good


  6. You're welcome!

  7. James - The same bug is back that caused me to create this - I did try clearing a bunch of stuff and went to my laptop - and finally went to a neighbor's computer and logged in and the old double entry was also back on a computer that had never been logged into my account.

    So still a few bugs in the system -


  8. Yes, I see that it's back. Do you have any other Jetpack blogs connected to your account?

    The only connected Jetpack blog that I see is, but maybe that's supposed to be something else.

  9. I had JetPack on when I was on a different host - when I moved the site here and mapped it here I just left it alone - I did see one page view some months after I moved the site onto WordPress.COM - the only maybe remnants of the old host and not on WordPress.COM is that I had a static IP address and I still have that address that I use for my captnmike email - I only had the one JetPack site and that was only hooked up for maybe 4 months - the stats for JetPack do seem to get added each month with zero page views -

  10. Ok, so there definitely were never any other Jetpack sites connected to your account?

  11. I only had the one web site - - with JetPack on it - I had some sort of subdomain I think for testing but it never had any stats of any sort on it -

  12. Ok, it's gone again.

    If it comes back, would you please let me know the last 3 (maybe 5 if you can) things that you did before you noticed it had returned?

  13. Given my memory this could be tough :) - all I have done of recent is move around from one Dashboard to another to check on spam - did a new Post a few days ago on a secondary blog - I do look at different Stats from a single Stats page in my dashboard -

    thanks for checking - love those sometimes bugs -

  14. Hm, maybe that last bit was it.

    Try checking stats from!/my-stats/ and see if it magically comes back.

    If it doesn't, try checking stats from within the blog's Dashboard and if it magically comes back then.

  15. I clicked around different Dashboards - tried the main WordPress stats page and several different blogs back and forth etc and things were fine - closed browser and restarted the browser and then restore previous session (Firefox) and things worked just fine

    But - when I logged out and logged back in I got the double entry back- so it seems to be a log in thing -

    But at some point I got logged out a second time and when I logged back in things seem to be clean again - so maybe the above observations were some sort of caching issues - I will try and remember to double check things in the morning - I normally do a restore previous session (keeps several tabs I use most of the time pulled up) - then I log out of WordPress.COM and back in so a session does not expire during the day

    Hope this helps a bit


  16. Thanks for checking!

    Please let us know how things look in the morning when you check.

  17. thanks - I will try and check things before and after - and let you know if it reverts back to the double entry

  18. Some progress maybe - I went to the Dashboard of Aux Pictures because I found that I had a bad Widget with an out of date link in it - went to the Widgets section and clicked around a bit to see that I had "show all" for the links Widget - changed it to just "Blogroll" - saved changes then went to Aux Pictures and found that the double entry returned - the Old JetPack Stats is also back in the Stats section - both in my Dashboard and the new WordPress.COM stats section

  19. Ok, perfect.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to do this one more time, just to see if we can narrow it down any closer, and because I won't be able to get anyone to look at it until Monday anyway. :)

    It's gone again, so if it comes back again, let me know what happened.


  20. The double listing is back this morning - all I can remember doing is turning my PC off overnight and looking at the Comments I Made in the Dashboard - did not log out but did do a Restore Last Session in Firefox this morning -

    Thanks & Good Luck

  21. Ok, I'm going to pass this up the line and see if I can get more eyes on it.

    Please hang in there!

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