Dashboard cache confusion, multiple blogs

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    Today I have established two new blogs, so I have tree. In the process I signed up and cancelled two other blogs, because I changed my mind regarding the names.

    However, even though I have cleared the cache via “clear all private data” several times (Firefox), there is some confusion with “dashboards” shown in the top of the screen.

    Sometimes it is just “dashboard” leading only to the old blog, so it is complicated to get to the new ones, sometimes it is correct “dashboards” showing the current tree (usually after refreshing, but then it goes back again), and sometimes “dashboards” showing some of the old ones.

    So I would like to know what I should do to get it to show the correct version all the time?

    Probably emptying the cache more effectively… but how.



    Sorry, my question (above) is a mess… Never mind, I should be able to work this out by myself.



    Nah, I understand what you’re talking about. They normally go away fairly quickly but, since you’re not teh first one to mention it recently, it appears to be a current issue. I sent in a feedback a few days ago about the issue so I’m hoping that staff will deal with it.

    If they’re still there, send in a feedback with the blogs that shouldn’t be there and I’m sure Mark or another staff member will take care of it right away.

    Hope this helps,



    Problem solved… after emptying all temp Internet files & cookies in the computer’s temp files (not only the browser).

    Thank you for your reply… Actually under “Threats started” in “My profile” it said “no replies” to this question, so I just went in here to mark it as resolved! but now I see it is shown under “recent replies”…

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