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    My dashboard home page is now broken up into three columns. The ‘screen options’ tab, which normally allows one to choose how many columns are represented, no longer does so. I thus have all of the usual information shrunk down and crammed into 2/3rds of the screen.

    I would like to know how to remedy this and return to a two column dashboard home, as I spend a fair portion of my day navigating to and through the dashboard screen.

    The blog I need help with is pactwebserial.wordpress.com.



    It looks like the developers made some changes to the dashboard recently.

    From this blog post:

    The dashboard screen is now responsive, showing the appropriate number of columns based on your screen resolution. So, we’ve removed the “Number of Columns” option under Screen Options.

    One of the developers responded to a similar question earlier:

    If you make your screen smaller, you’ll see that the information on your dashboard starts to respond to the size and fills in the empty space. When your screen is at it’s largest, you should be able to drag pieces of information into the empty space. Give it a try!



    I have three blogs on WordPress. Two remain in the two-column format. The third seems to be insistent on switching to three if the window is fullscreen.

    If any WordPress staff happens to read this, I find this (alongside the recent changes to how the dashboard widgets are consolidated) to be complicated and illogical, and it hurts rather than helps the ability to read information & lay things out the way I want them.

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