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    For the past 7 to 10 days I have found it difficult to access the Dashboard on two blogs I edit. The other being http://tfrnorthcyprus.wordpress.com.

    When I log into either account, a list of posts are shown but the drop down menu showing Dashboard is not available on the Gravatar.

    To access the Dashboard, I have to open one of my listed posts and then click edit. Then the post article Gravatar gives access to the dashboard menu??

    What an I doing wrong or is there a setting I can adjust.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is cyprusscene.com.


    Have you tried another browser and/or computer?



    If you you have two different usernames and the blogs are each registered under one of them, then you will be required to log-out of one username account, and clear your browser cache before you log into the other.

    Clicking this link should display all your blogs registered under the same username, including the hidden ones: https://dashboard.wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php?page=my-blogs&show=hidden
    If you do not see the blog here http://en.support.wordpress.com/my-blogs/ then
    follow this guide > http://en.support.wordpress.com/my-blogs/#my-blogs-dashboard-visibility


    Woodpecker – Thank you, when I log on to two blogs I use IE for one and Google for the other.

    Timethief, thank you also. Both my partner and I use linked computers through a router and I have tried clearing the browser cache to fix the issue but we both have to use the method described to get from a post through edit to gain access to the dashboard.

    To reply to these emails I logged in and followed your admin link which was fine. I should add that the second blog is registered to a different logger and we just edit it and always in another browser.

    I have now logged back in to send this message and note the top Gravatar will not show the drop down menu to the Dashboard so there seems to be an oddity.

    I will send this message log out and then back in again to check you second link once I can gain access to the Dashboard.

    Sorry if this is a bit complicated and thanks for your help thus far.


    I have checked my blog and the Dashboard is checked as visible but is not shown from the Gravatar in this page by the drop down menu?.

    In trying to clear the cache again, Microsoft Fixit opened and fixed three issues with IE but the dashboard issue remains unsolved.

    I hope that gives more clues to the problem I face.



    Hi there,

    I’m not totally sure I understand the issue, but if you go to your Reader and My Blogs:

    Are you able to access the blogs?

    Is the problem that when you’re looking at your WordPress.com page, you don’t see the blog details under your image in the upper right? If so, that functionality has been moved to the My Blogs tab (link above).

    Does that help?



    I agree. The dashboard should be a top priority on the top.


    Hello Zandyring and thanks for your advice. When I log in I am taken to this link http://wordpress.com/#!/read/following/ and as I have described, I have to navigate through a recent blog to get into the dashboard via clicking edit on a public view of the blog. I don’t recall seeing the Gravatar but I will check this out and confirm but the issue is perhaps the same of link direction.

    I have tried your link which takes me to my blog recorded and if I click on this it takes me to a public view of my blog where in fact I can access dashboard through the Gravatar drop down menu.

    This seems a longer route to the Dashboard but is OK if on login I am directed to this page. Is this problem peculiar to me or are others experiencing the same problem.



    If you try the link I gave you, you should see a link for “Blog Admin” under the title of your blog – this will take you directly to your Dashboard!



    I don’t see why you bother with all this: just bookmark your dashboards and add them to the bookmarks bar of your browsers.


    Thank you “zandyring”, yes what you say is correct but when I logged in at http://wordpress.com/ I was then directed to the posts published page and not your link so I don’t think the problem has been perhaps understood or resolved. From here it was a tough navigation task to get into the dashboard.

    Noting what “justpi” suggested, I have bookmarked the dashboard page on the favourites bar and then logged out and in twice and I now have a workaround but are other users maybe facing the same issue when they try to log in through the wordpress http://wordpress.com/ page.??



    Hi there,

    I haven’t seen many (or any, off the top of my head) threads about this specific issue.

    Your Reader will remember the last page you were on when you log out, so if you go to your Stats page, and log out, or exit, the next time you go to wordpress.com and log in, you’ll see your stats page first. If you go to your Blogs I Follow page and then log out, that is the page you will log into when you log back in.

    To get around this, you can make sure to always exit from the My Blog page, or you can just navigate to “My Blogs” at the top of the page and see your various blogs and access your Blog Admin from there.

    I hope that helps!


    Thank you for that tip and I now understand the problem. Setting a favourite tab on the task bar also seems to bring you back to where you want to be after login.

    Thank you again for your help



    I’m glad I could provide some clarification!

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