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dashboard disappeared

  1. I created my account with "soohyuna" and a blog wtih ''
    Then I created another blog ''
    I changed user name and email address to everything I wanted other than the initial one "soohyuna", but it seemed that my original and primary account remained as "soohyuna".
    I transfered '' to ''
    but it didn't work the way I wanted.
    So I wanted to start over from the beginning, I deleted '' and now I can't access to dashboard to "soohyuna"

    it is too complicated and i just want to star over with one account with my basic, original blog.
    Blog url:

  2. If you want I can restore your previous account, but this requires you to change the e-mail address on your current account (sophiaahn2012).

    Once that e-mail address has been changed, I can restore your 'soohyuna' account and reassign it to your address.

    You can change the e-mail address at!/settings/

    Looking forward to your replt.

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