Dashboard display buggy?

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    Can’t see a way to upload a screenshot here but I’ll try and describe what the dashboard looks like in FF 9.0.1 (Win 7):

    Generally, the page looks fine excpet for the “Title” colum. At present the only Post is the Hello World one. As the Tirle column is only appx 4 characters wide, this appears as:

    On hover, the entry expands to:


    Edit |
    k Edit
    h |

    With only the one post this is not a problem, even though it is irritating. But with even two or three posts the dashboard will become quite hard to use.

    Is this a know bug, or is there something that I can do about it?

    The blog I need help with is haastavajuttuja.wordpress.com.


    That is strange. Try this: Log out, clear the browser cache and cookies, restart the browser and then take another look and see if that fixed it.


    One other question, is all the styling gone and it is just a plain white background?

    On the screenshot, you can upload it to your media library (media > add new) and the post the URL of that image here in the forums.




    …. D’oh! ….:D

    the link to the screenshot is here:http://haastavajuttuja.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/wordpressdashboardbug.jpg

    The display is the same as last night when I set up the account so the machine has been switched off and on a couiple of times since then. I did clear the cache at the time though as a first stop and it made no difference.


    You’ve probably zoomed in: try pressing control 0 (PC) or command 0 (Mac).



    Nice idea!!

    Zooming in and out of the page does generate very odd results for that field in the database. If I zoom in (from the base setting i.e. from zero zoom) then the column increases in chracter width but loses some of the information contained in the field. Zooming in reduces the character width but retains the information. Definitely a bug!

    Certain this was no compliant with standards I checked the html through the W3C validator. It has 6 errors on it!

    There’s a more serious problem I’ve discovered and that is to do with security: If two windows are open in FF 9.0.1, logging out of WP in one window doesn’t log the user out from the system. The user stays logged in via the other window.!! Anyway that’s off-topic but fwiw to anyone coming here. Beware!

    p.s Btw zooming in/out can be easily controlled in FF simply by using CTRL and scrolling. Reset is CTRL 0. Scrolling doesn”t change the display it only scales it. The result you might be imagining is the sort of thing that happens on handheld devices as theior browsers tend not to be standards compliant.

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