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Dashboard does not display + 2 buttons missing

  1. parksarezoosfortrees

    There are 3 things wrong with my site.

    1. It does not display the dashboard ---------> theme options etc………. Even when I am using the admin credentials and have had them reset.

    2. It does not display the sign up / login button.

    3. It does not display the "Post an Idea" button. A place where users go to post content.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is a site?

    If it is, or if you're questions refer to accessing a site:

    2. "It does not display the sign up / login button." -- This is a good place to begin, since you'll never see the dashboard until you log in. The secure log in page:

    3. What "Post an Idea" button?

    1. "It does not display the dashboard..." -- See #1.

  3. parksarezoosfortrees

    Thank you. Yes, it is a site

    1. I have been using the site / login / dashboard for months. It does not recognize admin credentials as admin. It does not display the dashboard even after I am logged in.

    3. It is a craigslist type site. In my header, I had a button that said: "post an idea" like "post an ad" - a place where the users can write content.

    It's been suggested that the site has been compromised.

  4. meta name="generator" content="WordPress 4.0.1" /

    According to your site info, the above site is not hosted by, so we won't be able to help you here.

    For help with your self-hosted install of the WordPress software, please head over to If you don't have a log in name there, you will have to register one.

    For clarity:

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