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dashboard error

  1. while trying to enter my dashboard on my cranky and unpredictable dialup, this came up:

    it looks like a perfectly normal page set up by wordpress to inform of an error, but what is strange is the link at the blogroll. i manually typed this link and this blog exists. why is it there?

    i also encounter this error page many times after getting into my dashboard and viewing the forums, but these times that blog is not in the blogroll.

  2. You're not alone. Same with getting into my blog for the last 1-2 hours. I think it's a WordPress thing, but wonder why nobody else has posted anything.

  3. you too?

    but did your error page have that strange blog link in its blogroll? the other times i see this error page that blog link is not there.

  4. same issue.. but i did managed to post something today after posting like a million times.. =(

    and it's been 2 days...

  5. i get the error page every now and then, but i manage to do my blogging duties. i'm going to report to feedback.

    ... isn't it monday already in the us? why is the feedback button not there? *mutter mumble*

  6. WordPress is acting very strangely this morning. Sometimes when I click "Dashboard" I'm taken to the page, when I clicked "publish" on a new post, I got a message "Are you sure you want to edit this post?", when I posted a comment (in response to another comment), I got a 404 message. I think the little gremlins inside the software are either drunk or having a nervous breakdown.

  7. Same here when updating the sidebar.

  8. When I'm at the page, and try the drop down menu, the menu disappears. Lots of fun.

    Well, I'm getting nothing done today anyway....

  9. talkingbaseball

    I have a feeling this has something to do with the Global Dashboard just released. Things are running a bit slow around here this afternoon.

  10. I'm having the same problems with posting. Sometimes the page hangs after saving, sometimes I get the weird "Are you sure you want to edit this post?" message. What a drag.

  11. Now I'm getting 503 errors, etc. And, as noted, quite slow. So it goes. I still like WordPress, but I do hope things get back on track soon.

  12. I'm having the same 'Are you sure you want to edit this post' problem.

  13. Clear your browser cache and do a reload.

  14. I have my browser set to clear cache every time I exit, but I'm having the same problem as everybody else.

  15. Go ahead and clear it though, that and the cookie cache. Don't wait until you exit. It's a javascript conflict.

  16. What is being done to fix this javascript conflict?

  17. Have every web designer on the net who uses AJAX keep their scripts updated?

    Feel free to submit feedback to staff if you're interested.

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